Why I love Star Wars LEGO

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That is an easy one, Why I love Star Wars LEGO because first off is mostly for the love of both items. I have always been a fan of LEGO since I was introduced to my first LEGO set back in the 70’s.

Secondly is the whole Star Wars franchise. But with both of these combined is like a dream come true.

When I put these sets together I am basically reliving my childhood all over again but this time I am able to share what my most favorite things in life are.


My video sound quality is not the best in this video below but it gives you an inside look on my passion



Let’s chat about LEGO for a minute

LEGO, what an awesome toy, right? What other toy out there can you make just about anything that you can think of or put your best imagination into?

I got my first LEGO set back in the 70’s and yes, for all those kids out there…LEGO has been around for a very long time.

My first set was the Lunar Lander, it was set number 565 for anyone who wants to check it out.

LEGO set 565
My very first LEGO set

There was not much to the set but I loved it nonetheless and I still have all the pieces to it :-)

After that set was the police station, another childhood favorite of mine!

That is when my love for LEGO came about.


When I sit down and build a set for my site here, I get to feel like a kid again.

I tend to lose myself at times when building these almost to the point of just sitting down and acting out a scene or even just letting my imagination run away and go to that place where most of us as children would go.

I kept getting LEGO after that for Christmas or birthdays and loved every set I got.

Now, I don’t have millions of bricks but I have enough to make a huge sized toy! In the past, I even made working helicopters with the bricks. Not that it flew but with that motor I got with a train set, I made it where the top rotor and back rotor would spin!

LEGO trainset
The first LEGO motor

I even hooked two 6 volt batteries to it and the thing would jump up and down from how much those blades would spin. Good times those were.

After I got into my teens I kind of got away from LEGO, ya…it happens. I started into so many other hobbies that LEGO just was a past memory at that time until I got into my 30’s and decided to buy a Star Wars LEGO, the B-Wing Fighter 6208.

I bought it for a way to show my kids my pastime love for the toys of when I was younger and I also got a few other smaller sets just to have a few more but then I stopped again as my kids got a little older.


Star Wars, another love from the 70’s

Going back a bit in my story, I had seen Star Wars when it first came out and absolutely loved it!! I don’t think I even closed my mouth the entire time…my jaw was on the floor!

Star Wars Kenner action figures
toys from my childhood

I mean, science fiction shows were on the television like Star Trek and Lost in Space and shows of the like but Star Wars was on a whole different level for me.

I could not get my mind off the movie! After the movie came out Kenner Toys started popping out action figures for the movie along with the toy line of space ships and all kinds of stuff. I was in heaven!

Do you know I still have a few of those toys to this day? Just another blast from my past that for some reason could never part with, and why would I?

Now, moving a bit ahead in time…



Star Wars LEGO: Still one of the BEST matches to this day!

Star Wars LEGO
The best of both worlds!

Yeah, when the first Star Wars LEGO was introduced, I did not even know they existed but then again my life at the time was not about toys other than the grown up kind like motorcycles and boats.

When I went into the store to get my children a toy or two and had seen that LEGO was putting out Star Wars toys, all I could think was…Forget my kids!, I HAVE GOT TO GET THIS FOR MYSELF!!

From then on, even though there was a gap in the time I bought my first few, I still had that want or maybe it was a need. Who knows.

I do know this though, I had to get more and more and even more once I started buying the toys again but this time my greed stepped in and this time the toys were for me and me alone.

To this day I still go out and get a set even though I probably can’t afford to but, it is something that I just get attracted to like a very strong magnet.


Just the other day, a friend of mine asked me what I was trying to get out of making a website about Star Wars LEGO…To be super honest, I could not think of why. It was more of a feeling than what I could put into words.

Basically it comes down to this: I love Star Wars and LEGO toys!! Here I can show my love for both. If you notice that all I have on this website is Star Wars LEGO and nothing else. Sure, I love the whole line of LEGO but mostly just the ones that deal with Star Wars.


Here’s what it all boils down to

Here I get to show off what I have, why shouldn’t I? To be completely honest, I know that there are so many other adults like myself that secretly or openly want to get back to being a child again. When times were so less complicated and playtime was just that, having fun without the burdens of being an adult.

Here you get to read my thoughts and see my videos. Here you get to read what and how and even see.

I wish I could sell the toy line but for reasons I can’t explain now, I can’t. Not that I don’t want to. LOL

I want to share my love and my hobby even though most of my friends and family just don’t “get it” and that is fine with me, they don’t have to. This is for my happiness and to be able to share my love for Star Wars LEGO is priceless!

So, now you know why I love Star Wars LEGO and my ability to share my hobby is awesome!


“The galaxy is not the limit, only your imagination is”