The Original Star Wars Movie

I can remember where/when I first had seen the Original Star Wars Movie. My dad was stationed in West Germany, Spangdahlem AFB.

One night we went off base to a movie theater where if I remember correctly had high back chairs and they sold beer and awesome food, I think the folk were smoking in there as well, but as for all in all…my eyes were fixed on that screen!

I will admit to wearing the Star Wars underwear and having the sheets and even the tin lunch box for the movie, man those were the days huh? I remember back in I think it was 82 or somewhere around there that Empire Strikes Back came out.

I think I watched that movie at least everyday for the whole summer, no kidding well almost everyday. I believe it was maybe 20+ times…yeah, I was ate up!

Then, holy cow!, what is this??? Raiders of the Lost Ark??? man… Han Solo is in some kind of western (at least that’s what I thought it was) but boy I got hooked on that flick as well! Man what a rush huh?

Harrison Ford has been one of my favorite actors for quite some time now only cause of his role as Han Solo and of course Indy.

Then comes along Star Wars LEGO®…..The power of the brickside.


As for LEGO… Another one of those things in my little world that brought me hours of fun creating new and interesting models.

I think the first few sets I owned was the Lunar Lander(I still have all the pieces) and the Police Station. Then LEGO sets got more expensive and larger and way more complex which was great for me.

I bought the B-Wing fighter first. Then I kinda got away from it for a few years and then one day said “let’s build something”.

I whipped out that B-Wing fighter and built it, got bored and said…”let’s go buy another one” and the rest as they say is, history. A good one.

Along comes the age of gaming platforms

I love playing the LEGO XBOX and Playstation II  games, all of them are great.  I really try not to use any cheats before I actually finish the game.

I know people do and I will say one thing, they have tons of sites for that. I might have a few links to go find them if you are not sure where to find them.

I don’t live and breath the gaming system world. I love the games but there’s this thing called a front door and I like to go out of it every so often 😉

As for my articles and reviews on here, well… Most of them I will upload from my own personal pictures and files.  Sometimes I like sitting there for hours or even days putting together my l and taking pictures of every step and I mean every step!

Pictures you will see on

Set 6211Set 7676Set 10178Set 10221


I love to show off those things. They are a blast and get this…I got some fiber optic cable from work (not much-don’t worry Mickey, there’s a ton more out there) or least where I used to work.

I have had to take apart most of my sets upon moving out of my apartment and into my fiance’s house and get to build the sets maybe just one at a time.

They are all going to be retrofitted with fiber optic wire so the LEGO set will light up. I have seen this, they make fiber sets just for each of the LEGO sets but I think I can do it myself for much less.

So when I do, I will inform everyone who visits exactly how and with illustrated pictures or videos.

I will show you how I make the canopies, engines, windows and everything else that you would think would be lit up on a spaceship or any other creation in the vast LEGO world to have some lighting and spruce up the models just that much more!

In this site I’m posting everything from quirky videos from YouTube to reviews on sets and many other topics that relate to anything animated or created. LEGO style.

I would love to have any of my viewers or reader or whatever you may be to send me some pictures of anything LEGO related and if it is new and unique even more so.

If you can’t get or know how to get your product or vision up and showing the world, I will help.

Many other things on here will include video games, pictures, items for sale, new product reviews, and so many other plans, the galaxy is not the limit…only your imagination is!

Thank you for taking the time to read my post’s and check out