The LEGO product | What LEGO means to me

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The LEGO product | What it means to me

Ah yes… The mighty LEGO! I have had a love for these toys ever since I was a child. Ever since the early seventies I have had this love for the LEGO product as it gave me a way to express myself and my imagination in a way that most toys of that era could not.

What other toy out there could you build yourself and then tear it all apart and start a whole new one? Can you name one? Other than the old “Lincoln Logs”, LEGO gave me that ability.

Back when I first was introduced to the LEGO product, it was not as complex as it is today, not as many colors, shapes and sizes.

But back then if you wanted a piece specifically for what you needed you had to alter that piece but after that, building that pre-designed set was not so easy.


What LEGO means to me

It means the world to me! The one toy that no matter how old I get, I still love these toys!

It means that I get to create whatever I feel like creating. If I want to create what is laid out in front of me as far as the instructions for that said set, cool. If not it is still cool.

There is nothing better than hearing that distinct sound of a LEGO snapping together to make that tight fit. Another step towards making your imagination come to life right in front of your eyes.

LEGO wall
Perfect for my house!

Where you get to let your imagination run away from you more than anything else on this planet. At least it is for me.

LEGO itself is a very complex toy as you can tell just by looking at it. To pick one up and study how they fit together, to see the thought that went behind such a marvelous piece of plastic could do for children (even adults), and to give that sense of accomplishment of constructing something out of your own creativity.

Can you tell how I feel about these toys now?

I build things for a living so, there is no wonder on why I love this product so much!

If LEGO had never been invented back so many years ago, I wonder what my childhood or many like me would have been like.


There are so many things you can do with a LEGO brick

A new type of construction
A new type of building

I sometimes search the internet for other uses for LEGO and the imagination that others have and what they can create with this toy.

Did you know that there are some people out there that is considering using the model of these wonderful toys for constructing actual buildings? Not to mention, new machines that will construct the project for you.

I’m not joking!

I have often thought of how I could use these in everyday life to do so much with other than just putting them together to make whatever pops into my head.

I even had seen a working car built from these toys! Can you imagine having a new car everyday you felt like it and was able to drive it around?

Yeah, it may not be the safest vehicle on the road but the possibilities are endless.

One day you have a truck, the next you have a sports car or even a car that looks like something from the near future!

You can make anything your heart desires from pencil holders, decorations around the house, boxes, and even walls in your own home. The possibilities are endless! (You might need quite a few for the wall though)

Now, this is only just a glimpse of what I love about the LEGO product and what LEGO means to me.

Here I get to share this love!


“The galaxy is not the limit, only your imagination is”