Taking things further

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I have decided to start taking things further with my site and that is going to be a new post at least once a week or maybe even more.

The new VNE

What does VNE stand for you ask, well…Vaders New Empire of course.

I have decided not to let work be an excuse for not posting more often or my laziness.

I have had a major writing block lately and watching all of my competitors fly on by me was getting me down.

I have big plans for this site but not much time to act on them, all that is changing!

Taking things further

What’s next?…Taking things further

Well, even though I have not been blogging much that does not mean that I have not been shooting real time LEGO builds for my site.

I have been undertaking one of my largest sets to date recently and let me tell you, it is not easy!

I have been shooting the real time build for set 10221 Executor Class Imperial Star Destroyer. Executor Class Star Destroyer

Not only have I been shooting the videos, I have been organizing it at the same time.

It takes a long time to separate the pieces, count them, put them in their corresponding bags that go for each step, laying them out

when and before shooting the video, getting the camera just right and last but not least thinking of what to talk about when doing the videos.

I have not been one to do videos as they can be very nerve racking and quite bothersome at times but I still try as much as possible.

I am trying to compile a list of sets in which would be awesome for short videos, not those hour long deals in which if anyone

has been watching my videos are not just skimming through or just falling asleep watching a 44 year old put LEGO sets together talking about who knows what. What did he just say?

I have been hoping and praying that someone, anyone will let me know what set they would love to see built live real time.

I have pictures here on my site of all the sets I own. So picking one out would be easy for the viewer and quite the task for me to organize and shoot the video for it. But fun nonetheless!

Camera issues and other tid bits

Yes, I have had quite the problems trying to shoot the videos for my site and YouTube channel as well, yes I have a YouTube channel for my real time builds. Click this link and you will go there…http://www.youtube.com/channel/UC7c1tEMt9-lVmBefNm158AA

I only have two subscribers so far and a whopping 208 views on the channel.

I am soon going to be transferring all of my other real time build videos from my everyday channel to Vaders New Empire YouTube channel as soon as I get more free time but in the meantime, there are quite a few there now.

My camera is new. I had an old 6 year webcam that I was doing the videos with and with my 6-7 year old laptop straining to pull enough video memory out it is amazing that the new one works at all.

I have been using the new Logitech c920. It is good for up to 1080 dpi and for the most part I have been using only a 480 dpi setting so to get those close up shots.

I film on my back porch and whether it is 30 degrees or 100, I am out here shooting the videos.

I have a make shift camera set up…A PVC pipe that hangs down from the awning of the back porch that I tape the camera to.

I can adjust the heights better that way and position it to where I get the optimal viewing for the real time set builds.

I also have been sporting a new headset mic, the Logitech h150. It is super sweet for a $20 headset but has a echo y sort of tinned sound to it that is kinda strange but when the playback happens I don’t hear it as bad.

What to say during the videos!?

You know, for the most part on all of my videos I do try to say, at least a few times….My videos are not scripted!

In other words…I don’t write down what I am going to be discussing or talking about each and every time I hit that record button.

It is coming from my heart and soul and maybe even from outer space LOL but nonetheless it is like a blog in itself.

The only thing I have to keep telling myself is that this is a child’s toy and to keep the language to a “G” rated audience and for the most part I have been doing extremely well.

Being an Electrician on a job site you hear many colorful offhand language and sometimes bleeds over into everyday life but not here! I have to remind myself that every time I say something on video.

I ramble a ton as well or even repeat myself continuously but that is just me being nervous or even searching for a better topic or something relevant to say.

I do have a little video I shot for my current build as you can view down below…

I figured that this would be a good video to put on this post. I used it for a short preview of what is to come for my next build when advertising my site and YouTube channel on Facebook and Google + and a few other social media platforms.

Well, that is about it for this post, check out my next LEGO Star Wars real time build set 10221 . This thing is HUGE!!

Thanks for stopping by.

“The galaxy is not the limit, only your imagination is”