Star Wars VII – Who would have thought

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Wow, another Star Wars has come upon us. Star Wars VII – who would have thought?!

Well, with the new movies, other than what has already been released I can not wait until more LEGO line comes to play!

Star Wars VII

Star Wars VII - Who would have thoughtYou know what… I still have not seen this movie!

Can you believe that? Yeah well, I am going to watch it with my kids soon. So please, no spoilers.

I have also not really kept up with what has come out as far as new LEGO models for this new movie.

But as you can tell from my hobby blog but also as you might have guessed, I’m staying right here so far with the generation on the first six movies that I am accustomed to and have based my website off.

That does not mean that I will stay this way forever but for right now, I will stick with the vintage sets that have started this line of Star Wars LEGO.

Star Wars VII – Who would have thought

Yeah, that’s what I was thinking when I first heard it but I am giving it the same as I gave the first six.

I also actually just got done building the new Launch Pad at Disney World. I got to get my Star Wars freak on in a big way.

new LEGO X-WingIt really didn’t look like a Star Wars even towards the end but in the last 3 weeks it exploded into what I was starting to see it slowly come together.

I really thought I was in the movies at the very end, right up till they let people into the attraction.

I got to see the mob scene of people who where there to see this opening. It was a mass of people like I have never seen before. Heck even more than a Black Friday sale at Wall Mart!! There must have been thousands of people, no lie!

Well, other than that, I have been seeing some of what LEGO has come out with with the new line of Star Wars LEGO and I can say it sure is orange and black but what I am seeing is the same ships coming out and to be honest, I am kinda disappointed. I thought we would be seeing new ships never seen before.

Maybe after the movie got to show maybe LEGO will be giving us a new line of vehicles and ships. I don’t know because I haven’t even seen the movie yet.

New LEGO vs. Old LEGO

LEGO Stormtrooper helmetSome of you might be asking me why I am sticking with the older sets for now is simple… I still have the original movie era sets and I would really love to share what I have with everyone before I start with the newer generation, right?

I still have many sets I have not even shared on the site and still have many more area’s within this site to add to.

So, ya still with me on this plan? I hope so because in my head, these sets for the original movies are the building block for the rest.

And without a solid foundation, you have nothing.


Where to next with Vaders New Empire

Well, another slow process to keep vaders new empire going. I now have other blogsites I keep going as well and moving into a new place, I need to get some room set up to do so.

I will although get going on this once again and wake the sleeping giant, so expect more things on the horizon for this Star Wars LEGO hobby blog.

I need to redo my front page of this blog and change some things around.

I also need to add many more LEGO models into here as well as display more of what I have.

Thanks for taking the time to read Star Wars VII – Who would have thought

I can’t wait to see this movie in a few days. And I will show a few newer sets from time to time on vadesnewempire.

May The Force Be With You