Star Wars LEGO Y-Wing Fighter 7658

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Star Wars LEGO Y-Wing Fighter 7658

Well space travelers, here we go with another one of my favorite models… the Star Wars LEGO Y-Wing Fighter 7658.

Now, I know this shows two Star Wars LEGO sets but I do own both of them and the Imperial Landing Craft set 7659 review I will be doing soon as well. This was the only video I could find that had the 7658 set in a LEGO commercial.


If you have noticed through all my reviews on  most of my sets are older versions of sets that have been redone a few times through the years.

I have a love for the older original LEGO sets even though the newer ones may be slightly better in detail or even size but I still love them anyhow.

This Star Wars LEGO Y-Wing Fighter 7658 set has been redone a few times now and LEGO even has a mini version of it as well.

LEGO has a version I would absolutely love to own and that is the one and only Star Wars Ultimate Collectors Series 10134 Y-Wing Attack Fighter 

Ultimate Collectors Series Y-Wing Attack Fighter 10134

 Isn’t she absolutely beautiful? I think so.

Wish I had the whopping $1,150 to get this LEGO set with, maybe one day…

Where was I? Oh yeah…the Star Wars LEGO Y-Wing Fighter 7658 that I have is a really nice set as it looks more close to the 10134 than any other of the newer ones that LEGO has produced. Well, at least I think so.

The only real difference I see in the Collectors Series and the 7658 is way more detail and seeing how I don’t own the 10134 I don’t know of it’s features.

There are not many features on the Y-Wing Fighter 7658 other than the cockpit that opens, the two flick fire missiles, two bombs that pop out of the bottom and a moving turret behind the cockpit but that is just fine with me.

There are two minifigs that come with this set as well.


  • Dutch Vander|Y-Wing Pilot

Dutch Vander


Dutch Vander appears in three sets total: 2 of them the Y-Wing Fighter 7658 and Gold Leader’s Y-Wing Fighter 9495 and the Tie Fighter/Y-Wing Fighter box set 7150

He is also the only Rebel Pilot to carry a blaster

  • R5-D4|Red Astromech Droid

R5-D4 red & silver dome


R5-D4 appeared in 9 sets total including the Sandcrawler set 10144.

Sandcrawler 10144

The only difference with R5-D4 in the Sandcrawler  set 10144 is that his dome was more funnel shaped and he had a tan collar. The dome had no print on it either.

The dome on R5-D4 in the 7658 model has a red and silver domed head.


How about some pictures? 

LEGO Star Wars Y-Wing 7658|Rare LEGO Set


I did forget to mention that this Star Wars LEGO Y-Wing Fighter 7658 is a rare set now even though it still does not go for as much as the 10134. LOL

It is not as detailed as all the others but that is not what appeals to me. What does appeal to me is I have a rare set! :-)

As you can see in the pictures that the set is of a nice size as well, very playable, has all the features that are in the movie and is quite yellow and white with a little grey.

There is no type of landing gear on it which I wish there were except for a slanted 2X3 which is right underneath behind the cockpit and a slanted 2X2 brick under the backside to support it off of the ground.

I really hope you liked reading and viewing my review and pictures for the Star Wars LEGO Y-Wing Fighter 7658 as I enjoyed bringing it to you.

I have a real time set build for the 7658 Y-Wing fighter and you can find it here.

Who knows what rare sets I still have in my never ending boxes of Star Wars LEGO sets.

Keep coming back and tell your friends about, Thanks for reading 😀


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