Star Wars LEGO X-Wing Fighter 6212

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Star Wars LEGO X-Wing Fighter 6212

Here we go again space travelers. I’m here to talk about the Star Wars LEGO X-Wing Fighter 6212.

The X-Wing Fighter 6212 is an older version of the many that followed, and there has been quite a few.

The LEGO set I own is an ancient one at that. I had to blow the dust off the manual just to take a peek at it so I could write this review.

I do own all these sets but I just have no room to set up and display all of them so, I have to refer to the manuals and pictures that I have personally taken over the years.

I never intended to start a website when I was buying my sets and taking tons of pictures. I just thought they would make cool pictures for my desktop on my computer. LOL

But, you are not here to listen to me ramble….on with the set review!

Red and White all over it

Yes my friends, this model like in the movie is mostly red and white.

Actually of most of the sets that LEGO has put out, the X-Wing Fighter 6212 was the perfect starship for LEGO.

What I mean by that is the boxiness, you know what I mean? I know there were many Star Wars LEGO sets out before this one and even though it was just in the beginning of the whole SW boom it still is boxy.

But then again the X-Wing Fighter was boxy anyways, so it all went well. :-)

I loved this set when it came out! I even bought another version and that was a set I reviewed already and it is the  ARC-170 Starfighter|Aggressive ReConnaissance.

Slightly different only because of the cockpit and extra wings but still one of those things I’d fly in a heartbeat if it were real!

The features of this X-Wing Fighter 6212 were awesome, it was what “sold it” for me…The wings move all together when turning the knob at the backside is what got me.

It has the cool cockpit you can open and the place to put your astromech droid and even a cool storage place on the underside. Oh and the cool pop out front landing gear!

Yes, I still get super excited talking about these LEGO sets!!

There were a few minifigs that came with this set as well as most of them do.


  • Luke Skywalker|X-Wing Pilot
  • Wedge Antilles|X-Wing Pilot

Lets talk about Wedge for a second… This minifig has only appeared in this set and this set alone.

And little known to me at the time I was building this set and finding different variations of LEGO pieces for decorating the wing, I never noticed that you could go from Luke’s Red Five X-Wing Fighter to Wedge’s Red Two X-Wing Fighter until now when I am writing this review! How cool is that?! I love learning new things everyday! :-)

  • Princess Leia|Hoth Commander

The princess in this set has a different head than those of other sets. The other sets her face is printed on both sides of her head…One to show happiness and the other is to show concern. The bun-hair style covers the one side of her head so not to see the other face.

  • Chewbacca|Wookiee Hero

This version of Chewie is brown and all other after were a reddish-brown color. Chewbacca minifig has appeared in 11 LEGO sets that I currently know of.

  • Han Solo|Hoth Hero
  • R2D2|Astromech Droid

Lots of cool info on these minifigs. More to come about minifigs 😉 hint hint


I think I have some pics floating around on my laptop somewhere so you can see at least a few pictures of this LEGO X-Wing Fighter 6212…

Back when I was building those older sets, I didn’t do much picture taking but I did however take a few when I redid my collection a year ago. Now in boxes but when I can, I’m sticking them back together with Fiber Optic lights to enhance the models.

 Star Wars LEGO X-Wing Fighter 6212 Pictures
X-Wing Fighter 6212 100_1715 100_1716 100_1717 100_1718 100_1719 100_1720 100_1721 100_1722 100_1723 100_1724 100_1725 100_1726 100_1727 100_1728 100_1729 100_1730

Sweet huh? Just look at the rear end of this model… A ton of complex gears at work here to lift all four wings into place without the rubber bands snapping the set apart.

I really can not wait to put this set back together again!

I think for any type of Fiber Optic in this model would have to be the engines and to light up the cockpit and maybe some accent lighting around the underside but that would be tops.

I will be posting some Set Statistics for this set as soon as I can. Most of the ones on take a while to put together so, be patient please. They will arrive.

Thank you for taking the time to read my review of the Star Wars LEGO X-Wing Fighter 6212 and as always…


“The galaxy is the not the limit, only your imagination is”