Star Wars LEGO Trade Federation Multi-Troop Transport 7662

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Star Wars LEGO Trade Federation Multi-Troop Transport 7662

Hello again fellow traveler. This review is all about the Star Wars LEGO Trade Federation Multi-Troop Transport 7662. This was a nice LEGO® set to have in my arsenal as it has many many features.

Lets start by saying it is definitely a brown colored set and as far as realism they got it spot on. Everything from the way the overall piece looks and displays down to its movie features and all it did.

Let me give you a little walk through

The Trade Federation Multi-Troop Transport 7662 has a ton of features that include:

  • 9 opening hatches
  • a slide out feature that holds 16 battle droids
  • 1 original droideka
  • small land speeder
  • wheels underneath for realistic playability

I am going to take a moment real quick to say that I love LEGO and the Star Wars Brand is just way awesome, they got most of the details right on and that is what makes these sets so fun to build.

The attention to detail must have taken a while on most of the models I have reviewed here in and is an honor for LEGO to let us write or own reviews and takes on what LEGO means to and for us, Thanks LEGO!

Now, back to the model…Did I tell everyone that this is most definitely a brown LEGO set with a little light grey as well.

There is a nicely concealed knob you can turn so the 16 battle droids roll out of the front of the Trade Federation MTT (Multi-Troop Transport) 7662 with of course the front hatch that opens upwards to house the huge rack of battle droids.

Now, in the movie “The Phantom Menace” when this multi-troop transport open up it’s rack of battle droids one set slid out then the other advanced down and out if my memory serves me right.

This model does not quite do that but is still amazing they came up with a way that houses all 16 battle droids all neatly tucked away just like in the movie.

The Star Wars LEGO Trade Federation MTT (Multi-Troop Transport) 7662 LEGO set arrived in stores in 2007, there was an earlier version of this LEGO set and a mini of it as well. I only own the 7662 and would love to own the others, actually I would love to own every Star Wars LEGO set ever created, one day maybe 😉

The set itself is not that big for all it’s hatches and all that pops out of it. It is also the only set that has the most battle droids included with a few others and they would be the minifigs included below.


  • 1 Destroyer Droid(droideka)|Rolling Firepower
  • 16 Battle Droids|Separatist Foot Soldier
  • 2 Pilot Droids(blue torso)|Specialists
  • 2 Security Droids(red torso)|Specialists

Also included with this set is the rack that the battle droids sit in and the land speeder that is housed inside the back of this set. One other thing about the land speeder is that it can hold one of the racks that the battle droids sit in.

There is also a gun rack for all the battle droids and this too can sit upon the land speeder.

I always have pictures on my reviews and this one is no exception, I have many pictures this time of this model from start to finish and here they are:

Star Wars LEGO Trade Federation Multi-Troop Transport 7662 Pictures


7662.1 7662.2 7662.3 7662.4 7662.5 7662.6 7662.7 7662.8 7662.9 7662.10 7662.11 7662.12 7662.13 7662.14 7662.15 7662.16 7662.17 7662.18 7662.19 7662.20 7662.21 7662.22 7662.23 7662.24 7662.25 7662.26 7662.27 7662.28 7662.29 7662.30 7662.31 7662.32 7662.33 7662.34 7662.35 7662.36 7662.37 7662.38 7662.39 7662.40 7662.41 7662.42 7662.43 7662.44 7662.45 7662.46 7662.47 7662.48 7662.49 7662.50 7662.51 7662.52 7662.53 7662.54 7662.55 7662.56 7662.57 7662.58 7662.59 7662.60 7662.61 7662.62


WOW, that a ton of pictures eh? 62 to be exact! I tried as much as possible to get every angle and every possible pose and or view.

I will admit to one thing and that is I am not building these LEGO sets as I do my reviews. These pics were done earlier in the year and since that time I had to move and have been unable to rebuild them.

I am in the works of photo copying the manuals and mapping out fiber optic routes for my sets to all be illuminated as I previously mentioned in The First Star Wars Movie page I had written here on

I am essentially going off pure memory when doing these reviews. Yes, I love Star Wars LEGO sets that much! Even if I don’t have the sets in front of me I still have my memories of all my sets displayed, as they will be in the future just a little illuminated.

I am also in the works of something new at that will be a nice addition onto my set previews. I am going to be listing all info about each and every set.

I was going to put all of that information into the reviews but in case someone out there is just looking for set information for cataloging their sets or just wanting general information, it will be there for all to see.

Thanks again for reading my review of the Star Wars LEGO Trade Federation MTT (Multi-Troop Transport) 7662 and as always…


“The galaxy is not the limit, only your imagination is”