Star Wars LEGO Star Destroyer 6211

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The Star Wars LEGO Star Destroyer 6211, not as large as the Super Star Destroyer 10221 but still a wonderful piece to own. It is not a very large model, just bulky.

The looks of this model is very similar to it’s grand daddy monster of a set, the one you can only find on eBay nowadays the Star Destroyer model #10030. It has many places to display your minifig’s as well.

What is under those flaps?

Now I am talking about the way this LEGO set opens. There are two things that can happen with this model:

  • The top 4 flaps open (That is the only thing I can think of calling them) or how about the bay door’s, yeah…that’s more like it.
  • The back top section is removable.

When you open this LEGO, there are a slew of  trinkets inside. Everything including an escape pod as seen in Episode IV: A New Hope.

Also inside you will find Darth Vader sitting in his black chamber as seen in Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back.  It is when you actually see that he is human under that black mask.

Also inside is where Darth Vader communicates with the Emperor which is a hologram like figure/minifig. I’m still not 100% sure it classifies as a minifig and when I get the chance I will look into that further but as for now, I don’t know.

There are a few computer consoles that are in the back and also there is a sliding bar that holds Darth Vader’s helmet. It slides in towards Darth Vader’s black chamber to put the helmet back on his scarred head.

Then you have the escape pod which for all purposes looks very similar to the prop from the movie just LEGO-ized. Hey, I think I just made up a new word... LEGO-IZED!!   Catchy don’t ya think?

I actually own the three sets shown at the end of this video :-)


Now, what would the Star Wars LEGO Star Destroyer 6211 be without some minifig’s?

There are a few and they are:

  • 2 Royal Guards|Crimson Protector
  • Darth Vader|Sith Lord
  • 2 Stormtroopers|Imperial Soldier
  • Grand Moff Tarkin|Imperial Governor
  • Imperial Officer|The Emperor’s Henchman

There are quite a bit of minifigs in the Star destroyer 6211 that can fit into the belly of this beast while two sit nestled into the conning tower. At least that is what I think it is called or the main bridge if you want to call it that.

I took several pictures of this model when I started assembling it. It is still one of my favorites…actually they all are my favorites!

I had fun putting this star destroyer together and it helped me to understand how my larger one (Star Destroyer 10221) went together, when I bought and assembled the 6211. Both models are very similar in construction but obviously one is a little larger.

Star Wars LEGO Star Destroyer 6211 pictures

Not all pictures I have of this model are 100% front to back but you get to see all the inner workings of it, the tower part that comes unattached and the escape pod. Enjoy 😀

100_0619 100_0620 100_0621 100_0622 100_0623 100_0624 100_0625 100_0626 100_0627 100_0628 100_0629 100_0630 100_0631 100_0632 100_0633 100_0634 100_0635 100_0636 100_0637 100_0638 100_0639 100_0640 100_0641 100_0642 100_0643 100_0644 100_0645 100_0646 100_0647 100_0648 100_0649 100_0650 100_0651 100_0652 100_0653 100_0654 100_0655 100_0656 100_0657 100_0658 100_0659 100_0660 100_0661 100_0662 100_0663 100_0664 100_0665 100_0666 100_0667 100_0668 100_0669 100_0670 100_0671 100_0672 100_0673 100_0674 Model #6211

 Or how about a quick video like the one below. It shows the steps to put this Star Wars LEGO Star Destroyer 6211 together, enjoy!

The video was not shot by me, but I liked the way it showed how the model is put together as well as the features. The music isn’t too bad either. You can also view this in the videos section of

Thank you again for stopping by to check out my latest review of theStar Wars LEGO Star Destroyer 6211 one of the many other LEGO models I have. This Star destroyer 6211 was a fun build and I hope that you have the same enjoyment!

Just to give anyone out there an idea of how much this model is going for on eBay well, I have seen many prices for the Star Destroyer 6211 and the most I’ve seen they are asking for is up near $399.00-$500.00.

I think some of the prices are a bit steep and in my opinion in all fairness, I don’t think I would go higher than $350 for this model but if it’s in pristine condition… I might think twice 😉

“The galaxy is not the limit, only your imagination is”.