Star Wars LEGO Snowspeeder 75049 real time build

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Here we go again folks, another real time build.

This time we’re showing the Star Wars LEGO Snowspeeder 75049 real time build videos.

I tried to keep them under thirty minutes as I have been lately just so people don’t see an hour and a half video and decide not to watch at least a few minutes of it.

When shooting these videos I try to give the best detail I possibly can to show everything that goes into these sets.

With this set being a small set, I only had 2 videos for it.


Star Wars LEGO Snowspeeder 75049 real time build

Star Wars LEGO Snowspeeder 75049 real time build
Go fly over the skiers with this Snowspeeder!

Yes, another one of those sets I wish were a real thing! I mean, wouldn’t you run out and jump in one of these and fly it around? I know I would!

I have always had a fascination with these models as they are not only very cool looking but also look like they do in the movies.

I fortunately did these in only two videos, normally most of my sets take at least three to ten videos for me to complete them.

And as normal (seems to be the way it is) my audio is sounding a little funky. Almost as if I am talking into a tin can.

But, that is not why I am writing this blog. I’m giving you what I can to show you what it takes to build the Star Wars LEGO Snowspeeder 75049, in real time. Nothing here is stop motion video.

This way, I can show exactly how long it takes to build the sets.

This set has many playable features on it as well as just looking cool in your displays and they are:

  • An opening canopy
  • Spring loaded missiles on the bottom
  • A spring loaded harpoon cannon on the back
  • Air brake hatches
  • 3 minifigs and a mini gun for the Arctic Snow Trooper

If you want to know more about this Snowspeeder then go read my review for this set here.

Now, onto the videos :-)


Star Wars LEGO Snowspeeder 75049 real time build video 1

This is my real time LEGO build video for the newest snowspeeder set 75049. I show some of it’s functions while building the set.


Star Wars LEGO Snowspeeder 75049 real time build video 2

Not so bad of a set and did not take me long at that!

Just about an hour to build this Star Wars LEGO Snowspeeder.

I hope I gave enough detail and commentary on it. I have been trying not to chit chat too much while filming these real time builds, I tend to ramble and repeat myself. LOL

Star Wars LEGO Snowspeeder mini gun
Give this to a Snow Trooper and he still can’t hit anything!

I have another real time build arriving soon for a set I have a review for here on and that is the Star Wars LEGO Emperor Palpatine’s Shuttle 8096 and you can go here to read about that one.

I have a bunch more videos to make! And tons of sets to go through…

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Thanks for taking the time to watch my Star Wars LEGO Snowspeeder 75049 real time build and remember as always…


“The galaxy is not the limit, only your imagination is”