Star Wars LEGO Republic Attack Gunship 7676

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The Star Wars LEGO Republic Attack Gunship 7676 was definitely one of those gunships that if it were real…I would most certainly have to buy one.

Actually any of these models I would love to own if they were a real ship. I love owning them as the Lego set but just think if you could show up to your friend’s house in this!

You could take a bunch of your friends out for a night of flying around an old junkyard and blow stuff up. Speeder bike? Yeah it has one of those too.

This was a fun LEGO to put together and sturdy as well. This like many of the sets I have, are well designed as not to fall apart easily if dropped.

Yes, a wing or a laser cannon might fly off but is that not the fun of building these models?…if they fall apart, you can always fix them right up.

I really liked the Republic Attack Gunship 7676 as it looks right down to every detail of the ones in the Star Wars movies.

What does it have and what does it do you ask?

Oh, it has a few features that are way cool. Like previously mentioned, it does come with a speeder bike that fits nicely into the rear section of the model 7676

It has a door that opens from the back for easy access for when you want to just zip out the back and go for a drive.

I have not been able to watch to many of the cartoon versions of the Clone Wars lately. Sorry if I get this one wrong but, this model has not only a speeder bike but what I believe is an escape pod or it may be used for other purposes.

This is just one of my weak points about the Star Wars LEGO brand as I am just your average builder. I could go into super detail and give you what engines drives which ship, its speed capabilities, what type of guns are on it and so on and so forth.

I like to leave that up to the imagination of the builders; kids or adults who put these Lego models together. So in my little corner of the galaxy, I think it is an escape pod or it could be some type of container for storing items.

That is what I love about LEGO, what one thing to one person may do one thing…to another, something completely different.

It has one of the coolest cockpits I have built on any of the star wars models as it is angled and has those nice burgundy colored bricks with two elongated dome windows, seats two pilots and in my galaxy could act as an eject-able cockpit, who knows.

That is the fun of creating and imagination.

The Star Wars LEGO Republic Attack Gunship 7676 has two downward swept wings with some massive cannons on top and eight missiles that you can flick out and attack your enemies and one long gun off the backside of the model.

On each of the wings sit the two dome compartments for minifigs to sit in. I think they are gunners. Two guns near the underside of the nose and so many doors all around to put all types of gear into like:

  • Two doors that open upward near the front to reveal a hovering command center
  • Two doors that cover the escape/utility pod
  • Four doors that open to reveal the inside of the craft where the speeder bike and personnel are located
  • Four small doors above the four larger ones for storing guns and other items
  • One long door up on top for the two probes


We can not forget the minifig’s…there are quite a few of them with this model and they are:

  1. Asajj Ventress|Sith Assassin- There are two variations of this minifig from two different sets. 7676 Republic Attack Gunship and 7957 Dathomir Speeder.
  2. Obi-Wan Kenobi|Clone Wars Negotiator
  3. Clone Trooper|Clone Wars Soldier
  4. Commander Cody|Obi-Wan’s Clone Commander
  5. Plo Koon|Jedi Pilot-One interesting fact about Plo Koon is that his lightsaber was originally green as seen on the model’s box cover but when the final release of the model, his lightsaber was blue

 Star Wars LEGO Republic Attack Gunship 7676 pictures

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WOW!! Now that is a ton of pictures!>

How about a quick commercial?

I hope I gave you one of those…I want a  Star Wars LEGO Republic Attack Gunship 7676  feelings 😀

I really love this one and absolutely can not wait till I get some fiber optics into this model. When I do…I will most definitely show how I did it. Until next time remember…

“The galaxy is not the limit, only your imagination is”