Star Wars LEGO real time build set 7965

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Yes! Finally…Here is another video series for my Star Wars LEGO real time build set 7965 – Millennium Falcon

It took me some time on this one only because of starting a new job.

Not only that, I had a terrible time shooting the video for this set only because of two things:

  1. An audible alarm that was beeping from a nearby store in the last two videos.
  2. I had accidentally ran over my headphone mic cord with my computer chair causing it to “short” and nothing be heard!

A new YouTube Channel

Yes, I have created a new YouTube channel for my real time builds and only my real time builds.

When I have completed all my sets, that is when I might start posting others and maybe one or two from now until then.

If you click on my follow button for YouTube, it will take you straight to it.

And if you just can not find that button…here it is: Vaders New Empire.


Other things to come

My blog is always transforming into something new every time I jump on my computer and lately I have redone a few things

starting with:

  • A new theme
  • Different navigation
  • A new look and feel

I have several other categories I will be placing into my hobby blog and all will be as it will be for now until eternity…maybe LOL

Soon I am going to be doing a Minifigures Video series to showcase all the minifigs that are included with all the sets I own.

And, down the road I may even be expanding to not only LEGO Star Wars sets but the video games and maybe even more Star Wars trinkets and collectables, we’ll have to see.

Well, enough of all the talk…let’s get down to the videos shall we?


Star Wars LEGO real time build set 7965


This next video I had to place some music into it only because my microphone went out on me.

I hope the music is not too cheesy, I tried to find some cool music for it.

In this video it shows how the sides go onto the Millennium Falcon set 7965






Well, I hope everyone enjoyed those as much as I had making them with the exception of the one video with the music and the

chirping noise in the last two videos.

In each of the videos I pretty much told what was happening at the time I was videoing, all while trying to keep my composure.

My next Star Wars LEGO real time set build will most likely be the motorized AT-AT set 10178.

My next  LEGO Star Wars real time set build 10178

I been wanting to rebuild it for quite some time now. And what better way then to do it real time :-)

I am always taking requests on set videos so shoot me one you would love to see in real time and I will be more than happy to video it. :-)

Thanks for taking the time to watch my videos of my Star Wars LEGO real time build set 7965.

See you on the next one…


“The galaxy is not the limit, only your imagination is”