Star Wars LEGO real time build set 7659

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 Star Wars LEGO real time build set 7659


And here we are with yet another LEGO real time build!

I said I was not going to do anymore after the Imperial Executor Class Starship but I figured, why not.

This is the Star Wars LEGO real time build set 7659 Imperial Landing Craft.

 Star Wars LEGO real time build set 7659

What happened to no more for quite some time?

Well, I got bored to be super honest.


I did not want to let anyone who watches these think I just stepped off the face of the planet.

I know not many watch all the way through these videos but when I check my analytic’s for my statistics I am noticing that yes!, I

am indeed having people watch these videos!!


So, I decided to get back into the swing of things.

I have been limiting the video to only 30 minutes now per video to cut down on upload times as well as to keep those that are

interested in watching to stay with me more.


I tend to lose people after 20 minutes or so as I can tell.

I have even been considering…speeding the videos up.

Now, I know I said I would never do that but to be super honest, those are the type of videos that are getting the attention and the

views and or viewing times.


I have been looking into a software from Adobe Affects that has peaked some curiosity in me.

You see, back in the day I had a 3D program named 3D Studio.

It was the type of 3D animation software that created movies like Toy Story and even though I was not an expert on using it, I still

did some really cool animations on it.


Videos? Oh yeah… That is what I am putting here

I started a rant like it was a normal blog post when I all of a sudden forgot, HEY…this is the post for my Star Wars LEGO real time build set 7659!

So without further delay… Here they are:


Star Wars LEGO real time build set 7659

This time it is the Imperial Landing Craft briefly seen in the re-done Star Wars IV:A New Hope


This is the 2nd video for my Star Wars LEGO real time build set #7659. In this video the body is almost complete and the top gets put together.


In this real time build for set 7659 is the finishing touches on the LEGO.


In this last video I actually showed a little homemade AC unit I built for my back porch seeing how it gets mighty hot here in


I unfortunately did not realize that the fan was blowing on my microphone hence the wind noise I had over my mic. Sorry


I had to throw what the portable AC looks like in the end of my video to show that I am more resourceful than just building

LEGO. It is easy to build and costs less than $20.

Check it out!


Thanks for stopping by to see my Star Wars LEGO real time build set 7659 and I will see you on the next one which will be the 7671

AT-AP All Terrain Amoured Pod.

“The Galaxy is not the limit, only your imagination is”