Star Wars LEGO real time build set 7658

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Star Wars LEGO real timeĀ build set 7658 – Y-Wing Fighter

 Star Wars LEGO real time build set 7658

Hello space travelers, here we go this time with the Star Wars LEGO real time build set 7658 videos.

I did this video in a two part series to cut down on the video time as I am trying to do now.

I did this set 7658 Y-Wing fighter because of an article I had read on Facebook.

It was saying how much unappreciated the Y-Wing Fighter was but here in vadersnewempire it is really one of my favorite fighters.

I know that I probably have said a hundred times in my reviews and on my real time LEGO build videos how if it were a real ship, I would LOVE to own it.

This is most definitely one of those times!

The Y-Wing Fighter reminds me of the A-10 Warthog|Tank Buster aircraft in our military arsenal.

Only mainly because of it two twin engines on the sides of the fighter.

I tried to give as much detail as I could when I wrote the review for the 7658 Y-Wing Fighter and in this video the same.

It is a quick set to put together and it only took an hour of my time to do so.

I lowered my camera this time to get a little better detail, I hope it worked…

Well, enough chatting eh? Let’s get on with the show…


The body


The engines


As I said previously, this Star Wars LEGO real time build set 7658 – Y-Wing Fighter took a very short amount of time to do.

I hope you have enjoyed it as much as I did videoing it.

I am thinking of my next real time LEGO build as I type this to you and I am really leaning towards the Star Destroyer 6211 set.

It is in the same container that I pulled this set out of and got that little voice saying, do it do it!

It is not as large as the massive Imperial Executor Class Star Destroyer but it is still a very nice set.

Getting the pieces and making sure I have all the pieces this time is the real challenge.

Look forward to it soon šŸ˜‰

Well, thanks for taking the time to watch this Star Wars LEGO real time build set 7658 Y-Wing Fighter.

Have a wonderful Christmas and a Happy New Year!!


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