Star Wars LEGO real time build set 10212

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Star Wars LEGO real time build set 10212

Star Wars LEGO real time build set 10212

Welcome  star travelers…Here we go on another exciting adventure. This is the Star Wars LEGO real time build set 10212

When I started this site, I had so many ideas and the thought of making videos were terrifying and unimaginable to me.

I grabbed a little courage and off I went.

You see, I have a difficult time telling stories about myself and my adventures and then one night I figured, why not?.

The videos below are of the Star Wars LEGO Imperial Shuttle|Lambda-Class T-4a Shuttle which just happens to be my second largest LEGO set I own.

I have put it together and taken it apart maybe 3-4 times now and during one of my moves it actually “snapped” in half… or at least the top wing of it.


Shooting the video

I originally started with the Jedi Starfighter with Hyperdrive Booster Ring LEGO set and figured if I could do it with that, I should try another.

With that, I wondered…which set next? I had thought of time to build and how long people would want or not want to sit through a full length real time LEGO set build so I thought of going with a smaller set.

Then it hit me, go with a big dawg but not too big. So I figured I would go with the Imperial Shuttle.

It is a massive model with very many tiny pieces. Total pieces in this set are 2,503.

The first video of the Jedi Starfighter was done on my desk and it had very limited space to complete or even shoot the video.

The LEGO Star Wars Imperial Shuttle|Lambda-Class T-4a Shuttle real time build was done on a very different setup so as to be able to view more of what I was doing when assembling the set.

The one thing I did not take into account was where my mic was.

I do everything from my Toshiba Compaq CQ-61 laptop computer with, yep…a built in mic. The webcam is external and very old.

With this being said I never realized until maybe the third video of watching the preview was that my audio was weak, very weak.


Audio Problems

Yes, I had problems.

Well into my third video I noticed I could not hear what I was saying on just my normal laptop speakers and had to crank the volume up to maximum just to be able to hear what was being said, unfortunately.

So, I am hoping that many of you that watch these videos have the ability to turn your volume up a bit more.

After a while I did start to speak up and more clearly into my laptop which was about 3-4 feet away from me.

Soon I am hoping to have a better mic for my system for optimal audio.

For the time being this will have to do.

Well, I’m sure you didn’t jump on this page to hear me ramble, there is much on the videos enough as it is.

I hope you enjoy these videos as they took me a ton of courage and drive to get going…


Time for the show

The stand

 The landing gear


The body


The start of the wings


More of the body


Adding the sides


Command Module


Top wing


2nd half of top wing


Back of shuttle and misc. pieces on top of body


I am sorry again for the poor audio quality but I think you will be happy to know I have bought a new headset to do the videos with.

The next few videos are much better quality sound and also not upside down. LOL!

I took some time off to back up and punt as they say and here are the new videos I have done.


Command module top canopy


The engines

This last video, the audio is a bit on the shaky side but I think I now know what is the problem (got some inside info from webcam company).


Partial wing build


2nd half of side wing|joining the two halves


Full wing build


The final video…the guns|placing it on the upright stand



That is a ton of video for the LEGO Star Wars Imperial Shuttle|Lambda-Class T-4a Shuttle  don’t ya think?

I still have to fix my synchronization of the audio/video of my webcam for it to work correctly and now that I know how, things should work better.

The next video I will try to do for a real time LEGO build might be the new AT-TE 75019 or maybe something completely different, who knows.

Keep on the lookout for more videos as I will be shooting real time LEGO build sets for all the models I am reviewing on this site.

I have big plans for this site and I have just got started, I have a few more features arriving soon. Might even be placing a personal blog on here as well, who knows.

Thanks for taking the time to view or scan these videos of the LEGO Star Wars Imperial Shuttle|Lambda-Class T-4a Shuttle  as they were fun yet difficult to shoot.

And as always…

“The galaxy is not the limit, only your imagination is”