Star Wars LEGO Pictures

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I have a few Star Wars LEGO Pictures I would love to show and with many many more on the way.

I have been saying all along that I have a few sets…everything from pieces to finished product with step by step instructions with even some slight alterations to the sets as far as Fiber Optic application.

I wanted to share  pictures of my sets with any of you viewing this site. Some of the sets were put into really cramped space in these pictures but I am hoping when I reassemble them I will have the room to display them.

If anyone out there wants to add a few of their sets to the picture section by all means no problem as long as they follow the LEGO theme for movies/games. will be a “G” rated site so please no strange stuff.

I hope you enjoy viewing my pictures as I enjoy having the sets. Look for other sections of [pictures] to develop with still shots of movies/games/books. As well as any quick animated GIF’s (I think they still use those…right?) well, that’s about it…so far.


3-24-13 106 3-24-13 105 3-24-13 104 3-24-13 103 3-24-13 102 3-24-13 101 3-24-13 100 LEGO set box tops

my collage of sets I own

Those are just the front covers that came with the sets, I didn’t put them all up. I also own a few of the mini vehicles (not the mini minifig types) but single small models.


static display 10-11-12 245 10-11-12 246 10-11-12 247 10-11-12 248 10-11-12 251 10-11-12 255 10-11-12 256 10-11-12 257 10-11-12 258 10-11-12 259 10-11-12 260 10-11-12 261 10-11-12 262 10-11-12 263 10-11-12 264 10-11-12 265

10-11-12 266 10-11-12 267 10-11-12 268 10-11-12 269 10-11-12 270 10-11-12 271 10-11-12 272 10-11-12 273 10-11-12 274 10-11-12 275 10-11-12 276 10-11-12 277 10-11-12 278 10-11-12 279 10-11-12 280 10-11-12 281


LEGO set manuals 100_0411 100_0410 100_0409 100_0408 100_0407 100_0406 100_0405 100_0404 100_0403 100_0401 100_0400 100_0399 100_0398 100_0397 100_0396 100_0395 100_0394 100_0393 100_0392 100_0391 100_0390 100_0389 100_0388 100_0387 100_0386 100_0385 100_0384

Don’t do drugs…build LEGO brand products!!

Some of my sets in these pics were dismantled but will be back up and clean and displayed proudly, I love these things!!

Star Wars LEGO® pictures spotted in this sector! We are going to have pictures that myself or other contributors to have taken.

Most of these star wars pictures are or have been taken recently. I have a friend named Steve, he went to the latest Star Wars convention here in Orlando the last time it was here and he took a few pictures for me. Here are those pictures:

Star Wars Lego Pictures Orlando convention Orlando convention Orlando convention Orlando convention Orlando convention Orlando convention Orlando convention Orlando convention Orlando convention

I have to thank Steve for these awesome pictures! “Thank You Steve”

Here at I am going to be bringing  you quality pictures of any set I can find.  If I can locate some pictures that are so rare, that would be a dream!

Soon you will be able to look in my other posts of some rare pictures of the set design and set locations for the original Star Wars Episode IV:A New Hope.

Here at we are continually expanding so keep coming back to enjoy everything we have here. You never know when something new will be up.

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Lego's and Star Wars

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