Star Wars LEGO Millennium Falcon 7965

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Star Wars LEGO Millennium Falcon 7965

This is the newest Star Wars LEGO Millennium Falcon 7965 . I don’t have the huge one, you know…the $1200 puppy you can only get on eBay nowadays. I will have my new empire one day and I will own this as well as the many other dream sets I have in my little list.

I do have this list of “sets I gotta have before I leave this planet” and it goes as far upward of about $12-14,000. Yeah I know, I’m ate up.

This LEGO set was fun to build, it only took one day to complete and is pretty darn intricate. Lots of details many movable parts and opens up like a jiffy pop popcorn pan. well, sort of.

It is a nice piece to display and doesn’t take up too much space and it really does fit up to 2 minifigs. Both minifigs for this capsule is the original Han Solo and Chewbacca.

This Millennium Falcon model came out in 2011 with 4 minifigs. Now the big daddy Millennium Falcon model number 10179 came with a slightly different Han Solo.

Han Solo had a white shirt with yellow skin but the one that came with the 7965 model was wearing an off white almost bluish shirt with natural skin tone.

Chewbacca on the other hand has been in 11 LEGO sets and I am not 100% sure if he was in the big daddy Millennium Falcon #10179 but I will find out.

I have put this together and took pictures of almost every step as I do with all my LEGO sets. I may have jumped past a few spots just because I was in a rush to get to building the other LEGO set I had bought that day….You got it, the humongous model number 10221 Super Star Destroyer!

The set cost me a mere $599.95 and it was worth every penny of it! BUT, that is for another blog altogether :-)

Here is the Millennium Falcon model #7965 step by step (I believe)

Star Wars LEGO Millennium Falcon 7965 Pictures

100_2117 100_2118 100_2119 100_2120 100_2121 100_2122 100_2123 100_2124 100_2125 100_2126 100_2127 100_2128 100_2129 100_2130 100_2131 100_2132 100_2133 100_2134 100_2135 100_2136 100_2137 100_2138 100_2139 100_2140 100_2141 100_2142 100_2143 100_2144 100_2145 100_2146 100_2147 100_2148 100_2149 100_2150 100_2151 100_2152 100_2153 100_2154 100_2155 100_2156 100_2157 100_2158 100_2159 100_2160 100_2161 100_2162

Now, I am not totally sure whether or not EVERY step is in here as I am sure it is not as I know for a fact that there was more than 46 steps and some of my pictures are not steps but more of up close shots of inside of the Millennium Falcon.

I kind of wish i could actually own the full size version and fly off to a distant universe. If you are on this site checking this out then I know for a fact you share the same thoughts.

I will be updating this model and put the actual steps and parts needed, just in case you want to go about getting this easy to find set.

I will also be placing each of the sets that I have in a set of categories starting from episode 1 all the way towards the upcoming movies.

This site is still in construction phase and may be for quite some time as there are so many topics and so many LEGO products out there, more than you shake a stick at.

It is going to take me some time but as the Death Star may have looked like it wasn’t finished but it still packed a wallop!

Please feel free to leave any comments you wish on anything in here. My love for the movies and my love for the LEGO Star Wars  sets are tremendous! The Star Wars LEGO Millennium Falcon 7965 is in fact the first LEGO set I reviewed when starting this site. I also have a real time build for this set and you can find it here.

The sets I am going to be including step by step wise on here are ones I actually own, so you are seeing my pictures that I took of sets I actually own. Thanks for stopping by and checking my little side of the galaxy and remember,

“The galaxy is not the limit, only your imagination is”