Star Wars LEGO Imperial Shuttle 10212

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Alrighty, I did talk a little about this next model…the Star Wars LEGO Imperial Shuttle 10212.

This set is enormous! Very tall when fully opened and requires a ton of space to display it proudly. This is one of the Collector Series LEGO sets and as for most of them the cost was about the same as my Super Star Destroyer 10221 a whopping $599.95 is what I would have paid for it but as for most of my larger sets and the hard to find ones were purchased at the LEGO store in Downtown Disney.

It was very nice to know that my Disney construction badge gave me a nice 15% off the price plus they were having a sale that day on a few of the items I bought.

The Star Wars LEGO Imperial Shuttle 10212 has 4 minifigs included with this set:

  • Imperial Pilot|Man In Black
  • Imperial Officer|The Emperor’s Henchman
  • Luke Skywalker|Jedi Knight
  •  Luke Skywalker|Camouflaged On Endor Now here’s the kicker…That is what my character reference guide is telling me but what really came with this version which on my instructions shows the minifigs to be:
  1. Darth Vader|Sith Lord
  2. Stormtrooper|Imperial Soldier
  3. Imperial Pilot|Man In Black
  4. Imperial Officer|The Emperor’s Henchman
  5. Luke Skywalker|Jedi Knight.

As for where I get my information is very sweet at best but is a bit off. The fact that I am catching it before all is said and done is a good thing, don’t ya think?

My reference on this model is scattered all over the place but it’s not the minifig’s that make this Imperial Shuttle 10212  such a spectacular set. The sheer size of this Imperial Shuttle was the selling point for me.

I only have a few sets that stand up and are tall when displayed as many of you will find out in the next article review I do.

This Imperial Shuttle 10212 was difficult only for the reason that the wings on this are massive and are made up mostly of single blocks, just two stud type of blocks and when there is 45 of them and also 58 of those and throw in someI say some like there is only a few, how about 52 of those and lets not forget the type that make up the wings which I will show an example as there are sooo many of them in the lower wings90+ of various sizes.

So as you can tell just by the way these LEGO look here on this page with the article, you can almost visualize how flimsy and weak the wings truly are.

The two outer wings and the canopy is the only movable parts on this other than the cranks and gear to lower and raise the outside wings. The top wing is stationary but extremely tall.

The side wings, now here is where the model gets bulky as in area’s to display the Imperial Shuttle 10212 Collector Series model. These wings are pretty shaky as well but well put together.

They do “roll” up with two cranks on the back of the model as shown in the pictures…pictures, did someone want to see pictures of this? You see, seeing is believing especially when trying to explain how much  space  this shuttle occupies!

 Star Wars LEGO Imperial Shuttle 10212 Pictures

Well, here are the pictures I took while assembling this behemoth:

Imperial Shuttle 10212 100_0712 100_0714 100_0715 100_0716 100_0717 100_0718 100_0719 100_0720 100_0721 100_0722 100_0723 100_0724 100_0725 100_0726 100_0727 100_0728 100_0729 100_0730 100_0731 100_0732 100_0733 100_0734 100_0735 100_0736 100_0737 100_0738 100_0739 100_0740 100_0741 100_0742 100_0746 100_0748 100_0749 100_0750 100_0751

Imperial Shuttle

This Imperial Shuttle 10212  is HUGE!

Well, sorry a few of the pictures are a little blurry as I was using a brand new digital camera and didn’t have the steadiest of hands. I do have a few shot in here of various parts of my body only to show size (my foot is 13″).

I wish I had taken step by step pics of this and I will but the one of two and a half times assembled I never did; believe it or not …I have been sick with the bad flu every time I decide to assemble this monster, strange eh?

Well enough of me already, back to the Star Wars LEGO Imperial Shuttle 10212…As you may have noticed that this set has two types of stands; one for wings up profile and the other for a wings down pose.

I personally like when they are down, it really shows the size of it. The upright stand is way sturdy even if it looks a little weak with only four uprights and sways a bit but all in all holds this large set nicely.

Just off the top of my head (partially because I got lazy) I haven’t researched the exact weight of this Imperial Shuttle but I can tell you it is a heavy LEGO and from what I remember it was about as heavy as the Super Star Destroyer 10221. A little over 7lbs.

The low profile stand is about the sturdiest of all or any LEGO stand I have ever encountered before.Has very large feet and holds the shuttle firmly in place. The wings would pop off quicker than the shuttle from its base. I had a ton of fun with this model.

I did make a real time LEGO build video for this set and you can find it here.

I would like to FIBER OPTIC this LEGO as well, the engines would be hot looking with them being the blue LEGO as it is.

I give this model two thumbs up and when I was deciding on which Star Wars LEGO set I wanted to buy (definitely Collector Series type) it was a toss-up between this and one not many might realize is out there.

rare set
the AT-OT which appeared in the Clone Wars and in Revenge of the Sith

This is one that is actually a two in one set, the AT-OT MODEL # 10195 which is extremely hard to find as it is a rare set and just in case you are a die-hard Star Wars LEGO fanatic like myself you will absolutely drool over this picture wishing you had the cash for this.

See, I know for a fact if you love these sets as much as I do you’re saying, man…how much? Well on eBay it goes for a not so high of a price at $399.00 and that is brand new and never opened. I have checked into this model and it is a big one as well.

My next article I am going to be covering a set that I just absolutely love and aside from model #10221 has got to be my favorite of the bunch that I own, the Imperial All Terrain Armored Transport|AT-AT Walker|model #10178|motorized!! This thing goes forward and reverse but that is for another post 😉

Hope this was a good article with tons of information and I didn’t lose ya through all that’s in here.

Thanks again for stopping by and reading this review of the Star Wars LEGO Imperial Shuttle 10212. I would much appreciate any comments or even suggestions you would like to give. Have a wonderful week and as I am going with from now on…

“The galaxy is no longer the limit, only your imagination is”.