Star Wars LEGO Imperial Landing Craft 7659

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I decided to review this Star Wars LEGO Imperial Landing Craft 7659 set because it should have been shown more in the movie.

Hmmmm, I sure don’t remember this one in any of the Star Wars movies?… Well, it was not originally.

Actually this Imperial Landing Craft was in the re-done Star Wars IV: A New Hope. It was seen only for a split second.

Ever wonder how those Stormtroopers made it down to inspect the escape pod that R2D2 and C3PO landed on Tatooine?

Yep, you are not the only one and I guess George Lucas thought that as well. That is why it was added into the updated version of

Star Wars IV: A New Hope.


Star Wars LEGO Imperial Landing Craft 7659

Well, as I stated above… I truly believe that this Imperial landing craft should have been shown more.

I mean, the look and the feel of this craft screams Star Wars…

LEGO did an awesome job of re-creating it as a LEGO piece. It has so many functions on it also, I just wish it was a tad larger.

Let’s talk a little about its playability…

This Star Wars LEGO Imperial Landing Craft 7659 has:

  • Cockpit opens and moves up and down
  • 6 bay doors on top that open to reveal the inside
  • Geared wings that move up and down
  • 2 missiles that are spring fired | Not the flick fire type
  • Bombs that drop from the back via lever action
  • Is actually a 2 part ship
  1. Lower section
  2. Upper section

The upper section has hinged pieces that fold down and attach to the lower section. When undone, the top lifts off and reveals

the inside of this craft. You get to see more of the inner workings of the craft then when you just open the bay doors.

This Imperial Landing Craft also has 5 minifigs included with this set and they are:


  • Sandtrooper | Desert Soldier

These Sandtroopers were included with other sets since 2003. A few being the Mos Eisley Cantina set 4501 and Luke’s

Landspeeder set 8092.

Two of the Sandtroopers hand orange shoulder pauldrons  over their armor showing that they are squad leaders, the other 2

are without.

  • TIE Pilot | Elite Imperial Pilot

This TIE Pilot has appeared in a few sets other than this Imperial Landing Craft 7659.

He has been in sets:

  1. TIE Defender 8087
  2. TIE Fighter 7146
  3. TIE Bomber 4479

Before 2010, the TIE Pilot’s head was the same design as the Stormtrooper helmet


Star Wars LEGO Imperial Landing Craft 7659 set info

  • This set was first introduce in 2007.
  • 471 Pieces
  • Retail price $49.99
  • Dimensions: (18.9 x 11.3 x 2.8 in)
  • Weight: A little over 2 lbs.
  • Mostly white bricks with a few light grey bricks as well

The reason I bought this set was the way the two side wings are geared. It takes a bit to align the gears so they work the same.

It must have taken the designers a bit to get this one right and am glad they designed it that way.

Imperial Landing Craft 7659 gears

By the time I post this review, I hope to have the videos up and going on my YouTube channel

Below are step by step pictures of how it is built. I have some pictures from when I built this back a while ago but, I never

took step by step photos.

I did this time during my real time build and here they are:


Star Wars LEGO Imperial Landing Craft 7659 step by step pictures


Look for my real time build for this set on my YouTube channel.

I hope you have enjoyed reading this review of the Star Wars LEGO Imperial Landing Craft 7659 as I did writing about it.

I still have many more sets I will be reviewing so be on the lookout for more to come…

“The galaxy is not the limit, only your imagination is”