Star Wars LEGO General Grievous 10186

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Star Wars LEGO General Grievous 10186

The Star Wars LEGO General Grievous 10186 is one of those sets that once put together you think it is going to break in half!

This model is very unique. The only reason I say this is, it is one of those Lego’s that moves…a lot. I don’t mean that it actually physically moves on its own but is very flimsy. Still another one of my favorites.

The General Grievous model 10186 is one of those Lego’s that I don’t see much of when doing a search online for discontinued LEGO.

Star Wars LEGO General Grievous 10186 is a tall model and quite complex. He really look’s like the real thing! Lego did a great job on the design except for its flimsiness.

I know that for this model to represent the actual character it would not have looked so good with a prop holding him up. I have pushed on this model a few times and it did not fall over which was quite surprising.

General Grievous sits upon a rotating platform so you can view all side of him and his four light sabers. Yes four! You can have this model pose with four arms or only two but looks a ton better with four.

Everything from his feet to his insides are just like the real thing, heck the whole model is really close as I mentioned. I missed one step and I did not find out until a couple of steps later and boy was I confused on where I skipped.

My advice for this model is to take your time building it.

Let me try to describe him for you…

This General Grievous model 10186 has 1085 pieces and is all white and grey except for the green dome covering his lungs and heart, which are a reddish color, very cool!

His facial features are ominous and the pose that he sits at looks like he is ready for the duel with General Kenobi as seen in Episode 3 “The Revenge of the Sith”. still one of my favorites! He has four lightsabers…two yellow and two blue ones.

Came out in 2008 with no minifigs.

I guess the best way to really describe the General Grievous model is to see a picture of it. I did not get to take pictures of this model as I was building it but, I was thinking of rebuilding him this weekend and give step by step photo’s of it as soon as I am finished.

Usually, I can put this model together in just a few hours.

I had mentioned here in that I was going to be putting fiber optics into most of my models when rebuilding them (had to disassemble when I moved recently) and to be quite honest…I wouldn’t know where to put anything like that in this model.

The eyes would be about the only place to put them but then again maybe just a little illumination around the base to light him up from below would be enough, who knows.

Here is a picture of the model as the video’s for General Grievous just wasn’t up to par..

.General Grievous

I will try my best to get some step by step photo’s this weekend so, I will be updating this review as soon as possible! I hope this review gets you excited in owning one of these models which is going for on eBay $170-$400!!

Now, I know that is a bit much but that $400 one was sealed and branded a “special” set and the ones going for the lesser price is still new, in the box and never been assembled.

Thank you for all who took the time to read my review on the Star Wars LEGO General Grievous 10186. 😀  and always remember…

“The galaxy is not the limit, only your imagination is”