Star Wars LEGO Darth Vaders Advanced Tie Fighter 10175

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Star Wars LEGO Darth Vaders Advanced Tie Fighter 10175

The Star Wars LEGO Darth Vaders Advanced Tie Fighter 10175 as seen in the epic battle, the last great battle of the original Star Wars attack on the Death Star!

This model is most definitely a sturdy piece as most of it is just layers upon more layers of flat LEGO bricks and the only real flimsy part would be the wings but they are pretty darn bulky themselves.

I would have to say if this model fell from my top shelf, not much would pop off. The Wings, cockpit window and what appears to be flaps over what I believe to be the engines are the only movable parts on the advanced tie fighter and has no minifig with it. I still believe that LEGO should have made a little larger minifig for this model, it would have made a great collector piece… I’ll give them time.

It seems through the years they keep popping out updated models of the originals which is awesome but some are going for more money than  their original counterparts. At least that is what I have been viewing on sites like Ebay and a few other buying sites.

This tie fighter should be one of the Collector Series LEGO models but it is not officially listed as one. It has the placard like the Collector Series models to boot.  And of course what would one of my posts be without a few pictures 😉

Star Wars LEGO Darth Vader’s Advanced Tie Fighter 10175 Pictures

Sorry, I could have sworn up and down that I took step by step pictures for this model but I guess I was wrong. When I finally get to where I can start assembling my LEGO sets again W/FIBER OPTICS.

I will be giving the step by step pictures as I have in a few of my posts here in my little corner of the galaxy.

The dimensions of this model is 13″ in length and 13″ in width and on the stand it is about the same tall, wondering if they planned it like that. I have no definite height dimension at this time as I am only going off of memory at this point.

All in all, Star Wars LEGO Darth Vader’s Advanced Tie Fighter 10175 is an excellent set and I still think it should have been included in the Collectors Series.

On a bit of a side note: The original was the best as far as I am concerned. When they upgraded it, it was sweet to see what they added into the original with all the newest CGI.

That was the problem, they looked too much like video game graphics, I think they should have roughened up the models so they looked more…authentic.

The next LEGO I am going to be giving a review for is the Imperial Shuttle model #10212. Now that is an absolute hog for space as I will explain.

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