Star Wars LEGO Clone Turbo Tank 7261

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 Star Wars LEGO Clone Turbo Tank 7261


This my review on the  Star Wars LEGO Clone Turbo Tank 7261.

This set is enormous as most of the sets I have are. LEGO made a new version of this set with rubber tires.


There were in fact two of these models. With only the smallest of detail a few changes happened between the year 2005 and the summer of 2006 for this LEGO set.

The original one had a Mace Windu that when you pushed the top of his head, his purple lightsaber would glow.

This minifig you could not take apart except for changing his color of his lightsaber blade.

The  Star Wars LEGO Clone Turbo Tank 7261 I own is the set that arrived in the summer of 2006. It is sturdier than it’s earlier version but lacks the cool Mace Windu with his light up lightsaber.


 Star Wars LEGO Clone Turbo Tank 7261 Features

Both sides opened for easy access to the interior of the tank which included a barc speeder, a large gun turret,a droid turret, a periscope and 10 massive tires that moved independent of each other allowing to maneuver over any obstacle in its way.

The middle two wheels on this model are also supported by two spring pieces like the one below.

Functional Elements

The wheels are a bit rough on flat surfaces such as table tops or counter tops and tend to slide more than turn like the one seen below.

Tyres And Rims, Special

This set also had a stationary set of turrets under the back  of the tank as well as under the drivers cockpit.

The controls of this beast has enough room for two minifigs and when you open the doors behind them, it shows what appears to be the engine for the tank.

On the top it has a radar dish and a periscope that towers way over the tank for optimal visibility for you clone troopers.


This set included 7 minifigs and they are:

  • Star Corps Trooper|Elite Clone Trooper
  • Mace Windu|Legendary Jedi Master

The first 7261 LEGO set had Mace Windu’s lightsaber light up when you pressed his head but the second set it did not light up.

Mace Windu is the only minifig with a purple lightsaber.

  • Clone Trooper|Genetically Modified Soldier
  • Clone Aerial Trooper|Clone Specialist

The Clone Aerial Trooper actually has quite a few pieces to this minifig, 16 to be exact with a jetpack and a sniper rifle.

  • Kashyyyk Trooper|Camouflaged Clone Trooper
  • 2 Battle Droids|Separatist Foot Soldier

What do I have to say about this set?

I overall loved this Star Wars LEGO Clone Turbo Tank 7261 set with all of its playability. The set goes well with my collection.

It is quite a sturdy piece but I would not want to see it roll off the table and onto a hard surface… It would most certainly wind up in many pieces as it is more of a shell than a hardened set.

The color of the day would be gray for this set, as well as some nice burgundy red and green bricks that accent the outer skin.

I have only built this set a few times and I have some pictures of the last time I built it.

 Star Wars LEGO Clone Turbo Tank 7261 Pictures

LEGO Clone Turbo Tank 7261steps 1-2

Steps 3-6Step 7

Steps 8-10Steps 11-12

Steps 13-16Step 18

Step 19Step 19-(1-4)

Step 19-(5)Step 20

Step 21-(1-6)Step 22-(1-6)

Step 22 doors closedStep 23

Step 24Steps 25-28

Step 28 top viewStep 28 back diagonal view

Step 29-(1-4)X2Step 30

Step 30 (1-8)Step 30-(9-14)

Step 30-(14-21)Step 30 front view

Step 31Step 32

Step 33Step 34

Steps 35-37Front right view

Front viewTop front view

Back left viewcockpit view

Engine viewInterior view

Back viewAnother interior view

Sideways view (oops)Inside back view

Check out the shock absorbers!Close up under front view

Completed LEGO 7162


I had a ton of fun building this Clone Turbo Tank 7261 and as far as LEGO sets go, this is an awesome set to display!

I think when I finally get to be able to illuminate these sets, I will focus on lighting the cockpit interior and the underside mostly.

Thank you for taking the time to check out my review of the Star Wars LEGO Clone Turbo Tank 7261.


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