Star Wars LEGO Boba Fett’s Cargo Ship 6209

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Star Wars LEGO Boba Fett’s Cargo Ship 6209


This review is all about the Star Wars LEGO Boba Fett’s Cargo Ship 6209.

This cargo ship is what Boba Fett took Han Solo frozen in his carbonite prison to be Jabba the Hutt’s prize in his palace.

This LEGO set 6209 is an awkward set, the wings and the cockpit inside of this set turns when turned from sitting on its bottom to the upright flying position.

That brings it to be one of the oddest designed ships that I think I have seen throughout the Star Wars Saga.

There have been a few of these Slave 1 Cargo ships produced. This one came out in stores back in 2006 and the newer blueish one was introduced to the market in 2010.

There was a mini of this cargo ship made as well.

I found a video!


As old as this set is, it was one of my first sets from the Star Wars LEGO I purchased.

The 6208 B-Wing Starfighter in this video, I also have and will be reviewing it soon…but not next.

 Star Wars LEGO Boba Fett’s Cargo Ship Features

This ship has quite a few features for it being less complicated as the newer one. It is also colored very dark as it is covered with brown and pale green colored bricks.

There is a bit of tan and grey as well, a little yellow in some spots too.

The feature that sets this model differently than most others is the way the wings move when the LEGO set is turned upright in flight mode. With a series of axles inside and the cockpit attached to them as well makes the interior move in sync with the wings.

It has a large canopy and is nicely detailed as far as the cannons, the pop out missiles out of the top  as well as a spring loaded missile that shoots out of the top.

The 6209 Slave 1|Boba Fett’s Cargo Ship has a few bombs that fall out the bottom of the set and has a cargo hold for the frozen Captain Solo’s carbonite.


This set has some really nice minifigs

  • Bespin Security Guard|Cloud City Cop

This Bespin Guard only appeared in this LEGO set

  • Boba Fett|Bounty Hunter

There are actually 6 variations of Boba Fett and the one included with this set is very close to the one that appeared in the Cloud City set 10123 back in 2003

  • Dengar|Bandaged Bounty Hunter

They made two variations of this minifig one, the original was only in this set. The other was in the Ultimate Super Star Destroyer|Executor Class Starship.

The version that is included in this set has more of a ninja hood and the newer one you can actually see his whole face.

  • IG-88|Bounty Hunter

IG-88 also was another one of those minifigs that appeared in not only one set but three.

One of those sets was the Ultimate Super Star Destroyer|Executor Class Starship and he was grey. Another one was in the Death Star LEGO set 10188 as a white minifig and the one in this model is silver.

  • Han Solo|Carbonite

Soon, I will be installing a new menu button where you can go in and see the statistics for each set that I am reviewing. Everything for the set will be there :-)

Yep, there is pictures as always
LEGO®  Slave 1|Boba Fett's Cargo Ship 6209
close up side|open missile hatches
6209 Slave 1
6209 Slave 1
Top view
6209 Slave 1
Top back view
6209 Slave 1
Top front view
6209 Slave 1
Bottom view of the engines
6209 Slave 1
Front left view
6209 Slave 1
Green and Brown bricks
6209 Slave 1
Building the Slave 1
6209 Slave 1
It has a good sturdy base
6209 Slave 1
Capt. Solo in carbonite next to 1/4 way built Star Wars LEGO Boba fett’s Cargo Ship 6209.


I know what you are thinking…Where are the rest? LOL

I actually thought I had more but as you can see in these pictures, there is really nothing to it.

Most of the bricks in the Star Wars LEGO Boba Fett’s Cargo Ship set 6209, are large pieces and not to many small intricate pieces.

As far as the playability of this set is excellent! Many different options to get Han Solo to Jabba the Hutt.

Thanks again for reading my review of the Star Wars LEGO Boba Fett’s Cargo Ship 6209.


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