Star Wars LEGO B-Wing Fighter 6208

Dah Dah, Dadadaa Dah Da, Dadadaaaa!


Introducing my very first Star Wars LEGO set…the Star Wars LEGO B-Wing Fighter 6208 set!

“Also included in this post are the real time build videos”

 LEGO 6208

Yes folks, this is what started it all off for me in this hobby of mine, collecting Star Wars LEGO sets and yes, the intro was my

attempt at the theme song for Star Wars. 😉

Ok, so I did not start at the very beginning of when they first started production of Star Wars LEGO sets and I can not tell you

how much I wish I had!

Back then, the sets were much less expensive than they are now.

The ones that did come out back then are now worth more than I could probably afford, even if I could let alone…find them.

But I am not here to tell you about those. I am here to give you my review (what I can remember) of:


Star Wars LEGO B-Wing Fighter 6208

This set was produced back in the year 2006, had 4 pieces (meaning: 2 minifigs, a stand and the actual B-Wing fighter).

It has 435 pieces to this set and the dimensions for it are (15.1 x 11.3 x 2.4 in).

It sits nicely in the stand for it which when assembled is a nice working platform for your minifigs to work on this awesome fighter.

The weight of it is approximately 1.72lbs.

The B-Wing Fighter 6208 has a few functions on it that give it tons of playability in my eyes.

It features 2 wings that you can pose in 3 different ways.

A canopy that swivels 360 degrees left and right and opens to reveal a control stick.

It also is equipped with 2 flick-fire missiles that fire from the center of the craft that are rubber band activated.

The stand also opens so that you can place the B-Wing Fighter in it snugly and clamps down around the main wing.

Overall, this model had what I really love about LEGO… Options for all kinds of adventures!

The Star Wars LEGO B-Wing Fighter 6208  itself has a few stickers that are on the wings and the set is mostly black, grey and tan in


This set was retailed at $34.95 when it first came out and in the movies was featured in Star Wars IV: A New Hope

through Star Wars VI: Return of the Jedi. if I remember correctly.

In the original movie, A New Hope you did not see it much but when they re-did the movie they showed it more from what I




There were 2 minifigs that came with this set and one is:

  • B-Wing Pilot|Space Ace

B-Wing Pilot 6208

This minifig has appeared in 2 sets since 2000, both being in his B-Wing Fighter.

Some of the features for this minifig are:

  • Set 7180: B-Wing at Rebel Control Center, he had a yellow face with eyebrows and a yellow visor instead of a black visor.
  • Set 6208: B-Wing Fighter,  he had a pinkish skin color with a black see through visor
  • Red leg pieces which only 2 other Star wars minifigs have and they are:
  1. The Royal Guard|Crimson Protector
  2. Chancellor Palpatine|Sith in Disguise

One thing to note about this minifig is his torso… His red torso color is unique to this minifig, but the same design is used on

the orange torso for the X-Wing Pilots.

The second minifig for this set is:

  • Ten Numb|Blue Five

Ten Numb 6208

  • Ten Numb is the only Sullustan minifig to date and has a brown helmet worn by the T-16 Skyhopper Pilot|Mysterious Minifgure which is red on that minifig.
  • Ten Numb also wears a white jumpsuit with a unique torso pattern with a print on it of his life support pack.
  • Ten Numb face has a breathing mask and creases on his face.

One thing to note about this minifig for this set is his white jumpsuit. In Star Wars VI: Return of the Jedi, Sullusian Pilots wore

red jumpsuits like the B-Wing Pilot but was created from a pre-production image that showed Ten Numb in a white jumpsuit.

Ten Numb is exclusive to the Star Wars LEGO B-Wing Fighter 6208.


Pictures of the build

Sorry, I forgot to take individual step pictures while shooting the real time build for this set so, instead of pictures I decided to

do something a little different and just post my real time build videos here instead.


Another real time build from vadersnewempire. this time I am showing my first Star Wars LEGO set I ever bought!


This is the second and final real time video for set 6208 B-Wing Fighter. Thanks for stopping by and checking out what I am doing. :-)


The B-Wing Fighter Stand

6208 B-Wing Fighter stand

Now, as far the stand for this set goes, it has very many features on it as well.

It folds open to accommodate the B-Wing’s lower wing and snugs up to it nicely to give the minifigs an opportunity to work

on the fighter while being docked.

this stand features:

  • 2 folding sides that lock into position around the lower wing
  • 2 platforms on each side so that the workers can access the fighter
  • 2 ladders that go up the side so the minifigs have a way up to the platforms
  • Various hand tools
  • 2 places where you can store the flick-fire missiles

Mostly made of yellow and black LEGO pieces really makes this part of this set stand out!

It is a good sturdy base for the set as it sits vertically in place.

Overall this is a great show piece as well as a sturdy enough set to give much playability to it.

I have recently been seeing a term that many are using called “swooshable” and me being an adult now can only imagine

that they are referring to the  fact you can fly this set around and not worry about any pieces flying off the set.


Can this set still be found and bought?

Of course! I have seen it on places like eBay, Amazon and places like that but some of the bids I have seen on eBay are going

on up to almost $300.00!!

It truly amazes me at times on how much the value of these sets go up but hey…It’s Star Wars! What did you expect?… 😉

I really hope you enjoyed my review of Star Wars LEGO B-Wing Fighter 6208.

Look for more reviews and real time set build videos coming up real soon for sets like:

  • Imperial Landing Craft 7659
  • AT-AP Walker 7671
  • Tie Fighter 9492
  • General Grievous Starfighter 7656
  • Midi-scale Millennium Falcon 7778
  • Hailfire Droid and Spider Droid 7670
  • Landspeeder 8092
  • Separatist Spider Droid 7681
  • Saesee Tiin’s Jedi Starfighter 9498
  • MagnaGuard Starfighter 7673

That is just a few that I have picked, I have a few more than that too 😉

“The galaxy is not the limit, only your imagination is”







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