Star Wars LEGO All Terrain Armored Transport 10178

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Welcome back travelers… Tonight I am reviewing the Star Wars LEGO All Terrain Armored Transport 10178, AT-AT for short. But you already knew that huh? This LEGO was one of the most complex of the Star Wars Lego set I own as far as gears and the way of technology.

This tall model not only is beautiful to look at as it looks right down to the real thing. This is another one of those LEGO models that if it were real, I’d want to own it! The AT-AT is quite tall but not as tall as I would have made it, I still think they could’ve made it bigger.Wishful thinking, I think not. I only say this because back in my days of LEGO before all these really intricate sets came out I was burning holes with hot pokers and trimming pieces so they look like this.Right? I know I wasn’t the only one who did crazy things like that. I altered my LEGO bricks to how I needed them to work for me and nowadays they have more parts than I ever got around to creating on my own.

I built tons of creations out of my imagination, but I also tried to make movie vehicles and or TV vehicles. I’m talking some really way cool larger than life LEGO sets that were actually functional. In my creations I have made a replica BELL-222 helicopter after the show Airwolf

Bell 222 as Airwolf.
Bell 222 as Airwolf

, The AT-AT walker (much larger than this model) and even the hovercraft from Logan’s Run(the movie/show)

Logan's run
Logan’s run

. Now I am getting off topic but you see where I am going 😉 This Star Wars LEGO All Terrain Armored Transport 10178 was fun and is fun every time I have had to build, take apart then build again. I have probably redone this model more than 10 times, easily.

This is the only Star Wars animated LEGO. It walks forwards and backwards and the head of it moves left to right and back again. The model #10178 has a motor in it and the controls all inside of this self contained lego.

It is powered by 4 AA batteries but after a little while it kills those batteries as it is a bit of a strain on the motor to move all the parts that it does.

The legs all move and it walks fine as long as it doesn’t have to climb over anything then it’s top heaviness steps in and gravity takes place sending this LEGO model over.

The real cool thing though is when it falls, it falls over like in the movie and only a few pieces come flying off it. I only know this because of dropping it several times and getting knocked of the counter by my cat.

Features and minifig’s

This model has three instruction books included and has 4 minifig’s: Snowtrooper| Subarctic Stormtrooper, AT-AT Driver| All Terrain Terror, General Veers|Imperial General, and Luke Skywalker| X-Wing Pilot.

The snowtrooper the AT_AT driver and Luke Skywalker all showed up in other sets. This set was released in 2007 and still one of my favorites.

When it comes to detail this one has got some good detail from the guns on the head/cockpit area and the cockpit opens so you can put two minifigs in at the same time.

As tightly packed into any LEGO set they make to get the point across, both fit snugly as well as some of the other sets I have posted about already.

The body of the model #10178 is just that, a box…but it holds some of the wildest gearing and motor and control. The actual main frame workings under all that box like outside is put together and engineered perfectly.

It also has a nice pop-up carry handle so you can take it anywhere!

Well, I guess the only way to describe it would be to show you some pictures, right? I would just show pictures and leave it at that but I love to blog.

Here is the All Terrain Armored Transport model #10178 for all to see from beginning to end…but not step by step and it’s in reverse order, sorry.

Star Wars LEGO All Terrain Armored Transport 10178 Pictures

AT-AT 100_0435 100_0436 100_0437 100_0438 100_0439 100_0440 100_0441 100_0442 100_0443 100_0444 100_0445 100_0446 100_0447 100_0448 100_0449 100_0450 100_0451 100_0452 100_0453 100_0454 100_0455 100_0456 100_0457 100_0458 100_0459 100_0460 100_0461 100_0462 100_0463 100_0464 100_0465 100_0466 100_0467 100_0468 100_0469 100_0470 100_0471 100_0472 100_0473 100_0474 100_0475 100_0476 100_0477 100_0478 100_0479 100_0480 100_0481 100_0482 100_0483 100_0484 100_0485 100_0486 100_0487 AT-AT

It was very fun to build and probably will be the first model I reassemble retrofitted with the fiber optic wires to give the cockpit a glow as well as just highlight some of the model with illumination lighting somehow, guess I’ll figure it out one way or another.

From what I gather, this model #10178  is going for $299.99 on eBay right now and that is new in the box. They did make another AT-AT that was not motorized model #8129 and it’s price on eBay is going for as high as it counterpart model #10178.

I like the motorized one just because it moves (of course).

I hope I have at least peaked your curiosity into getting one of these absolute awesome conversation and very displayable model, the Star Wars LEGO All Terrain Armored Transport 10178. I have a picture that I found that I had forgotten all about that I found when searching for the ones above and here it is…

Another Star Wars LEGO All Terrain Armored Transport 10178 Picture


Heading right at you!


I hope you enjoyed this article and the ones before this and the many that are ahead and as always…

“The galaxy is not the limit, only your imagination is”