New things on the horizon

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New things on the horizon

One of which is a menu item I have up now but does not work at the current time and that is…


This menu item on my site has not been activated and for good reason.

I wanted to get enough data and minifigs lined up so not to just put a few up there and not have much to go on.

What I mean by that is… I need a bunch  in the line up as so when I hit that publish button you will see at least all the ones I have for the LEGO sets that I have already on vadersnewempire in the Set Review menu section.

Minifig pictures and videos

New things on the horizon

What I am trying to accomplish is not only a picture with a little info or a video that show the minifig for a few seconds.

I want more than that and there will be more than that and here is what I am trying to show:

  • A 360 degree view of the minifig
  • A full history of each minifig
  • A list of LEGO sets that each came with
  • Dates of when they were made
  • Different variations of the minifigs
  • What attachments came with each minifig

So you see there is more than just here is the minifig and what set it came with

Not to mention there were some sets that did not even have a minifig included and those would be the Collector Series sets.

I still think LEGO should have produced a larger version of the minifig that would accompany that set, that would have been extra special.

At least I think it would have.

But wait…you said video?

Yes video. And as it should be so you can get the full 360 degree view of each minifig.

I thought of building a little LEGO turntable with the many other than Star Wars LEGO pieces I have floating around the place here, and I have a ton!

Something to give that little extra show.

The only way I can really think of doing that is with video.

Sure, I can just give a ton of pics but, that in my mind is kind of cheesy and seeing how I have been embarking in the realm of video as of late…why not.

I would not be the first to do it like this though.

There have been many other LEGO hobby bloggers out there that have done this so I will just follow suit.

I do, on occasion follow and watch what other bloggers have done and not that I am trying to copy them or nothing but it seems like the only real way to do it.

One of these bloggers is one whom I really enjoy watching and that is the Brickqueen.  She rocks!

So, stay patient with me as this is not a throw it together in a day event and my minifigs are scattered all over the place.

The other newest thing on the menu

New things on the horizon

Well, you are on it. Yes, my newest blog section.

I wanted a place where I could tell of what is going on and what I have in store next and not keep people just guessing on what is to come.

First of all, I was shying away from placing a blog on my site but the more I looked around…every one is doing it.

It’s not that I am trying to do what everyone else is doing but was almost seemingly a necessity.

I was going to make a blog just with my name alone.  Something like ChristoperBudesheim dot whatever but I just didn’t want to start throwing other stuff in with my main site. Maybe one day though.

Unfinished work…

I do have so much more to accomplish like doing more Set Statistics and Set Videos for the sets that I have in the Set Reviews menu sections on vadersnewempire.

My only hangup with doing those is time.

The Set Statistics are not very hard but giving a title and an alt title for each and every picture or piece picture is a daunting task and is mainly for SEO (search engine optimization) so the search engines and you, the people know what exactly each picture and piece is.

I have been half way doing it so far but not fully as I should be.

I still have many many sets that I have not even touched as far as doing reviews for them and some like the last one I did a video for the LEGO Star Wars AT-TE 75019|All Terrain Tactical Enforcer.

To tell you the truth, during that real time set video (if you did not watch it yet) I took over 150 pictures for the review alone during the video and those need a title for each and every picture as well.

Well here I go writing another book…LOL

I’ll leave it here and continue another time as this is enough for now, I have tons to do.

Thank you again for taking the time to read my ramblings of new things on the horizon and as always…

“The galaxy is not the limit, only your imagination is”