LEGO Star Wars Hobby Blog?

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LEGO Star Wars Hobby Blog?

LEGO Star Wars

That is the number one question I get from those who don’t know me very well, so…Why LEGO Star Wars Hobby Blog?

Well, that’s an easy answer. What the real question is, what on Earth made me decide to go with a toy hobby blog when I am in my mid 40’s? I will get to that answer after I give a little history…

It was not my first choice believe it or not and for a while I struggled with an auto safety website at first.

My online adventures

To be real honest, I got into internet marketing and creating my own hobby blog only because I wanted something different!

I have been doing Electrical for most of my adult life and to be honest it was getting boring.

It just didn’t make me happy the way I envisioned it should have.

I got into it because, more or less…It made more than minimum wage (at the time) and I loved working with my hands.


Like most people, you get into a career and stick with it as I have been doing all this time.

Sure, it is fun for the most part but was getting stale at the same time.


One day I was cruising around Facebook and caught this ad for make a ton of cash online. I did what most people would do…I clicked that link.

It just didn’t seem real at first. Went to Google and did a search for “How to make money online” and to my surprise this was a very real thing. In fact, there were a ton of articles about it.

I sat back and thought to myself all the cool things I could have and do with a ton of money! Boy was I in for a shocker.

By shocker I mean that not everything is as it seems to be and especially when dealing with the internet. LOL

My path down the dark side!

I do this thing called “not thinking” when I get so focused on one particular thing.

I did what every “newbie” in internet marketing probably has done a few times at first…Jump right in without a thought of how to do this but do it anyway.

I never had any training in marketing so why would I think I was going to make it? The shiny metal object syndrome is what I went for.

I had seen an ad for “make money with a website designed to make you rich”. Yeah, the ones with the guy rolling up in front of his mansion with the Lamborghini videos.

I signed right up of course,  without any hesitation! Pulled out my already overdue and overdrawn credit card and signed right up.

Next it was asking me what I was interested in in life.

At the time working for Disney commuting the hour drive dealing with every crazy person behind the wheel, watching people do crazy maneuvers just to get in the next lane and almost smashing into the rear of people trying to make a U-Turn, I thought of a “U-Turn Signal” for a car.

WHAMMO!! There is an idea I can get behind. I even went as far as trying to get with an invention company(Davidson) to design my new invention. That in itself was a mistake!

But nonetheless I thought of creating an auto safety website and that was what started me into this crazy venture of the website world.

What happened next you ask?

I did alright, at least in my mind I was.

I starting learning how to build a website or least ad on to it (it was pre-made already) just put a name to it and what it is about.

This site is called  which is now for sale as I do not own the name any longer . Unfortunately I got hacked by someone in Romania of all places!

But that is another story completely!

Going back a bit…When I was posting new safety articles and getting deeper into the whole internet marketing I realized that what I fell for (the big house, the fancy car and the rich and famous lifestyle dream) was never going to happen! Boy was I disappointed.

Sure, I got a ton of emails from everyone in the world trying to show me better ways to go about making my dream a reality and of course I forked out more cash with the already way overdrawn credit card only to buy more junk from people who could not even tell me how it worked!

I about quit right there!

About the time I hit my one year anniversary of alcohol sobriety I about threw in the towel on the whole internet marketing dream!

I was just about to scrap the whole deal…

I went into my email and had seen an email, still not sure why it caught my eye but it did.

A man named David Boozer emailed me. Still not exactly sure how he got my email address. It was probably one of those days I was signing up for everything under the sun looking for that “lucky break”.

He said in his email something to the effect of “I will show you how to build, brand and manage your online presence” and that was something no one had said before. I checked it out and watched a few of his videos and after a while still thought of just giving up!

You know, the whole not knowing and still not making a dime online thing.

In one of his emails he actually gave out his actual home phone number! To me this was unlike anything I have ran across online ever.

Actually putting a number out there I thought was lunacy…at first.

The phone call that changed my outlook on IM

Yep, it took me about a day or so to get up the nerve and call this man at his house.

I mean…who am I? I don’t know anything about his business or even the one I was struggling with (which was the same thing) LOL

I called him, felt like a moron! Didn’t know what to ask or what to say but did my best anyway.

That call was a year ago and I am very honored to be able to call him a friend now even though we have never shook hands or met in person.

He has been a driving force behind my online presence, never giving up on me which to me is a blessing seeing how my learning curve is huge! In other words…takes me a long time “to get it”.

I was watching one of his videos one day and he talked about something called a “hobby blog”.

Hobby blog? Yep hobby blog… I never in a million years even thought of it, kinda seemed silly to me actually.

Who on Earth is going to read my scribblings about a favorite hobby of mine and as it turns out the only REAL hobby I had was LEGO.

I loved them when I was younger and had bought a few Ferrari’s (LEGO ones of course) when was in my late 30’s and one Star Wars one, the B-Wing Fighter.

LEGO Spider FerrariLEGO B-Wing Fighter

I was running out of ideas for my autosafetech website and could not find anything to “sell” online for it and found that I was starting to point out all the faults of drivers in my posts more than I was contributing to finding safety products for them.

Which in turn, led me to go with a hobby blog instead….a LEGO hobby blog!


My LEGO Star Wars hobby blog

If you look back in this extremely long story you will notice that my first site was already pre built for me.

David told me about a program named WordPress.

This was all very new to me and had no clue about how to go about doing this BUT, he was very patient with me and walked me through the steps to obtaining my own domain (website).

Now vadersnewempire was not my first choice of names and actually my first site name was “” which if you LOVE Star Wars and you watch “Revenge of the Sith”, Anakin actually says that in one of his lines and I thought BINGO what an awesome name!

It just felt right and I had started creating as much content on it as I could!

I unfortunately was using a different version of WordPress, one of which I could not personalize and would have costed me an arm and a leg to do so.

I learned about the other version of WordPress in which I could do whatever it was that I needed without the extra cost and that is as they say is the history behind it all.


The birth of

After switching over to the other version of WordPress I found that I could not keep the same name I had with my first attempt (something to do with transferring over to another program) but that was fine as I kinda didn’t feel like anyone would go searching for “my” new empire but Vader, now that is a name everyone knows.

It took me some time to transfer all my pictures from my original site to the one you are on now.

As for the pictures…that’s is a funny story and I will keep this short…

The pictures I had taken of all the steps in the sets was really only so I could have some way cool pictures for my desktop background on my computer and not in a million years did I think they would be handy.

Boy was I wrong but right for taking them as they have been a very important part of my hobby blog.

If you notice one major thing about my hobby blog is that there is nothing to “buy” on my site and for a while I did that on purpose.

I do have a link that takes you to Pleygo and one to HostGator hoping to maybe make a little cash on the side but my major need of getting recognized was more important to me than the “happy side affect” of making money online. And still is to this day!

I just wanted to share what I love most as a hobby in this world… LEGO Star Wars and the LEGO experience.

I am my own boss and have nobody helping me on this project of mine thus taking a ton of my spare time.

The reviews I do are of sets that I own, none of which I don’t as that would not be authentic.

The videos I am embarking on making are shot with a 6 year old webcam with a few minor problems.

I reference the web and a LEGO character book for most of my information.

I make up names for LEGO pieces even though I am sure LEGO would not appreciate that but I do the best I can.

Vadersnewempire is a work in progress and instead of waiting to “turn it on” when complete, I have been creating new stuff almost


This is not a throw it altogether or throw something out there that is not complete type of site, this takes time and hard work.

I do appreciate all who signed up with my hobby blog and will be trying to get all the sets I have on here now all tied together with set statistics, reviews, pictures and videos but it takes time.

As for the set videos…well, hmmm….I decided to do real time LEGO build videos only because I wanted to do something that not many people have attempted.

I post all my videos on YouTube as well as on my site and welcome any and all comments on them.

But I have to warn you…They can be extremely long!! LOL So grab a large bucket of popcorn and some drinks as you may be there watching for a while!

Well, that is the history of how I got into making a LEGO Star Wars hobby blog and I am sorry it is a book of my history behind it all but I had to finally put it out there how and why this all got started.

I really want to thank so many people for helping me and being very patient with me in this venture.

First, David…You have been an inspiration to me and will be for a long time to come.

Second, Allison…for putting up with my staying up late (really late) and pursuing my dreams.

Third, My family and friends…for the support and encouragement to keep going on my dreams.

And last but not least, any and all who takes the time to not only read a 2000+ word post but for also taking the time to view and interact with

It means the world to me!

I always end my posts with a little something that goes like this…. “The galaxy is not the limit, only your imagination is”




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    WOW just WOW!!! So proud of you and love ya too! Keep going, don’t give up know you won’t.