A New Approach To Video

A new approach to video here at vadersnewempire .com  is what I am embarking on next. I have seen it in all types from stills to 3D CGI graphics but I have never seen it done like I am going to be testing this weekend, should be very interesting.

If it works out then, I will post more as I can.

Now, the way I see it is, I love building LEGO products but, I have limited time as we all know those things can take days sometimes.

With this new concept, I believe I can keep it entertaining and add a newer way of video/review of sets as I can think up. I might be a bit crazy and all I have is my two children but they are ready for this as I am as well.Star Destroyer 6211

We will keep you informed of how everything is going as far as the concept’s direction. If all goes well I think I might be onto something, you will just have to wait and see…

I still like when Indiana Jones said “I don’t know, I’m making this up as I go along”. That is my approach to video but in a different way with a twist.

Now, My two children will be helping as I said above, we will be trying something never tried on video before that I can find or even heard of before.

Getting excited? I am! I just really hope that it does not blow up in our faces like a bad chemistry experiment gone wrong. I am going to show it to just a few close friends first, just to see if it is worthy enough of some of their time.

Time, now that is a subject on video that I have been inquiring about not as much as I should but I have a good approximation. I would like to keep it under 40 minutes if possible.

Now, that sounds like a ton of time, but not how I see it. I would like to get it down to less than 20 minutes but with my limited sources for filming, it may a bit more tricky.

I will be recording the videos with my Kodak 10.2 MEGAPIXEL YouTube ready Easy Share C180! Go ahead and laugh but it does shoot some really nice quality videos.

I know, still hilarious huh? But that is what makes it such a unique idea in the way I am going to do it.

With limited video capabilities and hardly a lick of software on my Laptop to do any type of video editing except maybe to speed up the process. That is what concerns me though…speeding up my video might make it choppy or blurry, not sure yet.

 What Could Be Next For vadersnewempire.com

     I am somebodies father

I figure it like this, Whenever I build a set I always keep it together for quite a few months and they can get mighty dusty just sitting around like that.

I have other plans as I mentioned probably a few times in my galaxy here and that is to install fiber optic kits into these sets.

I have been in touch with a developer for these sets. One of the many. He tells me that, getting the fiber kits for these models are not the most expensive but he does not even know if you can get fiber optics for each and every set.

The ones he said  he would be selling soon are for the big daddy sets. You know, like the Ultimate Super Destroyer 10221 and so forth.Set 10221

I figured I could have a go at just installing them myself and creating my own versions as it seems easier that way.

Now as I was mentioning before I got distracted, I know I am going to be taking these sets apart and back together and in that process is where I will come up with a blueprint on where and how I need to route the fiber.

So these videos will be helpful as I plan on building one set for every video. I don’t have all the sets but I have the ones that you don’t see any longer and if you do, they cost a bunch of cash!

And that is about all I have to report as of now. My computer was down for a few days for repair but is up and going again or, when it explodes! LOL

Seriously was getting hot before the fix to the point of elevating my laptop and having a fan blow under it to keep it cool. Yeah, you could say I was in that content generating mood and pumping out quite a few reviews and pictures…all at once it seemed.

Until my next review or maybe even my newest video concept, a new approach to video. We will be seeing you in a galaxy near you soon! remember…

“The galaxy is not the limit, only your imagination is”

Imperial Walkers have entered the base!