A few YouTube videos

A few YouTube videos

Here on vadersnewempire.com are a few YouTube videos for your viewing pleasure until I can get my own up and going, soon.

Here is a new video out from LEGO

10240: Red Five X-Wing Starfighter





Here is a video that I recently found on YouTube showing all sets from 1999-2014 with some crazy music

Hope you enjoyed watching all those sets fly by. Are you like me? I have a few of those but wishing I had all of them!

The First video is a new one I just got off YouTube.

I would very much love to get set 10240: Red Five X-Wing Starfighter and review it!

Newer Outlook on Videos

Soon, I am going to present my own video but, I hope you have some time to watch it as there will be no fast motion tricks here ­čśë

My videos are going to be for mostly those who have lost the instruction books and are having a hard time finding them online or whatever the case may be.

You might just want to watch just because you really want to see the inner workings of it, how it gets put together, who knows.

I have a few sets that I lost the book for and have a hard time finding. And for this reason is what my reasoning for the way I am going to make the videos.

So, if you have nothing to do and just want to make some popcorn sit back and watch the model unfold before your eyes than these will be for those people and maybe more. Just remember one thing…

The galaxy is not the limit, only your imagination is.

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